My inital take on the iPhone: Possible Sidekick killer, not WM...yet

I want to preface that fellow expert, Werner Ruotsalainen, put up a great starting post on his blog today, 1/10/07, you might want to check out...


After getting things to settle down in my mind about the iPhone, I have this take on it:

The success of this device is inevitable...for the consumer market.

I can't see this really doing well to cross into enterprise because of what Michael Gartenberg has already said about the iPhone:

It's not extensible by third parties, only Apple. The means at the moment no RSS readers, no Slingplayers"; and "There is no support for Microsoft Office attachments."

What really gets me is that Steve Jobs said (and as it says on Apple's site) is that the iPhone is running OS X, yet it's abilities are limited - that is both good and bad. Gartenberg has already said the bad. The good is that Apple's limiting the focus of the device's capabilities so that they can do it well. This has worked for the iPod and what it has evolved into. This has also worked for the evolution of RIM's Blackberry and for Danger's Sidekick. RIM has an enterprise audience that it caters to and Danger has the consumer audience. Therefore, I really believe the iPhone is the Sidekick killer (I believe Sidekick may still have it beat via text-entry and controls though). Everything they've mentioned meets and surpasses everything the Sidekick does. Can you see Paris and Snoop with iPhones now!

The only attack I can see having been made on the other devices is against the keyboards of Palm, RIM and Windows Mobile (where's the Sidekick?)- see's photo here: On screen touch keyboards isn't new - I've used Spb's Full Screen Keyboard on my imate JAM, at least it was in landscape - and it also had auto word completetion.

So what is it with OS X? Is there a code name for this flavor of it? Is it upgradeable? 4Gb/ much of it is user accessible? Although it has been said it is not extensible by 3rd parties, does this go for the Widgets too? There are a whole bunch of 3rd party Widgets I'd want to put on it - the Low Price Gas Finder Widget would be 1st on my list! While Safari on the Mac is a great browser, Outlook Web Access isn't handled very well - I usually revert to Outlook Mobile Access.

Windows Mobile devices will probably be attacked as a "Jack of all trades, yet master of none." I'll expect Apple to be praised as starting out right by doing what it says it can do - and doing it well. However, what cannot be denied is that Windows Mobile still has an edge in enterprise, industrial application, 3rd party development - heck, we can throw Palm in the mix here too. There are already WM devices w/GPS, 2Gb drives + expansion port out on the market already (HP)...PCs are getting smaller and some coming with GSM ports (Sony)...WM Smartphones are improving (HTC, Motorola, Samsung) - the evolution/convergence is coming.

Will I get one? Only if it can be unlocked! But I can easily see relegating it as my second phone and not my primary since my Dash syncs up with Exchange, or swap my SIM card over to my HTC Wizard or Universal should I need to do some server administration - which in my line of work, takes priority over songs and video.

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