My next trick (Part 2); HTC Wizard - Extreme Makeover!

Okay, so the customizing bug bit me, and my most often used device (HTC Wizard, AKA: T-Mobile MDA/i-mate K-JAM) needed a good look too, seeing that it has survived some pretty decent drops, , some of the plastic on the sides were showing some I sent it to Dr. Kei and I let him have at it! He had a couple of ideas like doing a Kolorswap and then applying a Kustom Gel Skin to make it a bit unique and sporty...

You read that right Kolorswap is Dr. Kei's way of recoloring a device! An exclusively formulated PC Coating he developed that features a strong, matte OEM finishing in your choice of available colors. Here is the results of his first step in reinventing the look of my device!


Pretty impressive! This must make some of you who've wanted the black look of Verizon's XV6700 on the Wizard something to be desired! Or anyone out there that just has too many scratches and want to re-do the phone, then there is a way! I must tell you that the look and feel of the coat makes it a bit more grippable as it is about equal to the level of quality of paint used in the metal tower PC cases, so it isn't rubbery.

- stay tuned for Part 3 to see the final result with a Keistylist Kustom Gel Skin!

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