Okay, and now for my next trick (Part 1): A pimped out HTC Universal!

Okay so this last Monday, 11/13 on Computer Outlook I, along with fellow MS-MVP and Board of Expert member Chris De Herrera were discussing with John Iasiuolo and Rob Winchell the latest accessories you may want to outfit your mobile device with. You can listen to the podcast here: http://www.computeroutlookrts.com/mp3/111306.mp3

One of the things we briefly touched upon are cases or enhancing the looks of your phone that's now become somewhat of a status symbol in today's connected world.

One of my favorite devices in my possession is the HTC Universal (Dale Coffig did a review back in 9/05 here: http://www.smartphonemag.com/_archives/sep05/htcuniversal.aspx). As you can imagine, something this important needs some protection, so Ruben Montero of Piel Frama outfitted me with a case to show at my meetings and demo at events.
It's an awesome device and case, but man - was it hard to pocket as well as show off the device!

Well, luckily I came across a local vendor from Richmond, CA, Kelvin Liu, AKA: Dr. Kei who does custom case and skin designing for cell phones - he is best known for his original handmade designs made for the Danger's Hiptop (BKA: the T-Mobile Sidekick) for celebrities like model Vida Guerra and hip-hop rapper and host of MTV's Pimp My Ride, Xzibit. Yes, I said handmade! And so I contacted him and asked if he'd be willing to show me how involved it was and if he'd like to make my device more eye-catching, yet protected at the same time...and now you can see the results!

univ angle 2

univ angle 4

univ angle 3

Dr. Kei's Gel Skinz were originally developed by him on August 2005. He thought to himself when he first developed it as to what he should call it and came up with Gelskinz, and that was history. There's been other knock-offs and imitators to follow suit but only his Gel Skins can attest to the following:

- secret formualted high-density, high-gloss gel (scratch resistant under normal wear and tear and hard to press a mark onto the surface like digging your nails into it)
- Gel temperature resistance tested on 375 degree (not on adhesive)
- Shock resistance
- ACA: Air Channel Adhesive (provide stronger bonding power with the combination of air suction)
- Genuine Gel is softer and very flexible and therefore can remain form fitting to curved surfaces
- unlike competitor's gel, Kei Stylist gel doesn't separate from the adhesive
- Micro-Cutting artwork (100% handcrafted) and custom designing is available

That's right custom designing is available and the design on my device is all custom and handcrafted in actual physical layers before injection.

Pricing varies depending on the amount of detail and product needed to create your own custom skin. There are also a premade selection of designs available for order as well. If you are used to paying the prices for Piel Frama and Vaja cases, then expect to pay somewhere in the same neighborhood, for your own custom design.

- stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 where we take it up a notch and give my HTC Wizard/US T-Mobile MDA a makeover!

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