T-Mobile Shadow: Battery problem now a known issue!

Well, one of my recent acquisitions has been T-Mobile's Shadow by HTC. It's been out for a week and I picked one up the day it was released.

If you've been scouring the forums on the net about people's first reports of this device, one of the things that may draw your attention is a number of people mentioning mixed results when it comes to battery life. Sure the device has a larger screen, more memory, and a smaller battery than the Dash; however, when one has to charge it more than once a day, then that calls for some concern.

My first one, seems to have been okay for the first couple of days; but near the end of the week, I noticed that I needed to charge it twice a day from leaving the home with a full overnight charge at about 8am and then reaching low battery warning at 1pm having had very little voice usage, minimal data connectivity, beaming turned off, being in a full coverage area, etc. T-Mobile let me exchange mine to a new one over the weekend, and now only three days into it, I've come across a day when I needed to charge it 3 times!

Calling T-Mobile PDA support this morning, they now have it listed in their database (yet not posted publically) as a known issue; however, it doesn't qualify for exchange - you can request that they send you a new battery and you do mainain the option to return your phone for a full refund within the 14 day buyer's remorse period.

So, T-Mobile has sent to me (with the Express shipping charges waived) a new battery. One piece of advice given over the phone (which was something I hadn't heard since back in the MPx200 days) is that when I receive it, is to give the battery a full 24-hour charge before daily use. I know that this had worked back then for the 2nd set of batteries sent out for the MPx200s so I'm willing to give that a shot and hopefully this will solve this issue of an otherwise fun phone.

"One piece of advice given over the phone (which was something I hadn't heard since back in the MPx200 days) is that when I receive it, is to give the battery a full 24-hour charge before daily use."

This isn't really necessary, as has also been pointed out in several of my related guides (and those of Battery University). The T-Mo folks are still telling the same outdated advice.

I got my phone yesterday

I got my phone yesterday evening.  I charged the phone last night.  It was at 100% this morning.  It was down to 12% a little after noon and finally shut itself off at around 1:30.  I had the Wi-Fi on in the morning, but turned it off when I got to work.  All I did today was check e-mail, respond to my husband's text and call a car service.  Before I bought the phone, I checked  the reviews and the one thing that just about everyone agreed on was that the battery life was bad.  I like the phone so far, but the battery thing is seriously unacceptable. Since I don't think the battery issue is just a "defective unit"  thing, I'm going to buy an extra battery today and walk around with my USB.  Ugh.

I bought the Shadow in July

I bought the Shadow in July 2008. Two weeks later I took it to the store because I could not send or receive pictures via text and the battery wouldn't stay charged. I was told that I couldn't exchange the phone because I was 5 hours past the 14th day   (seems I bought the phone in the morning...not late afternoon. SO my 14th day ended at 11:20 AM)...  They did a master reset on the phone.... all data not saved was lost... the told me they couldn't fix it I would have to call customer care and have it troubleshooted. I did so. They had me do another master reset. Problems not solved. Soon after (within days) the phone started to freeze when dialing. Sooo, we did another master reset. The next month the issues continued, but now I was locked out of the security settings, couldn't change my ringtone and had no battery life.  Master resets were done 3x in August, 2x in September, 1x in Oct, 2 times in Nov, 2x in December..... they finally at my insisting and urging of the insurance company did a warranty exchange on my phone (which took 2 hours to complete). I received the "new" phone about Jan 3. by Jan 6 I'm calling tech support.... another master reset..... turns out they sent me a used phone which already had someones ringtones, call-back tone, and internet favorites set on it.  One week with the new-used phone and I cannot control the volume on the phone... can set it to silent, manually turn the volume down, set EACH ringtone to silent, and it still rings on the loudest setting possible (sounds like the speakers are busted). The dialing or call screen looks like 100 screens laid one on top of the other, the battery life is worse, the phone chooses it's own ringtone (literally- I never know which ringer will sound), it won't allow me to swap between calls, the backlight won't go off and it takes the phone almost 5 full minutes to recognize that it's plugging in to the charger. According to T-mobile... I have to do THREE warranty exchanges before they will approve any other model of phone (but then it must be a downgrade from the Shadow) AND any phone I receive will be a USED phone.     I'm locked into a contract for another1.5 years.... otherwise I'd tell them to stuff it and get another company....    Customer service started to suck big ones when the guy at tech support had such a thick accent I couldn't even make out one word he was saying... when I tried to explain to him that I was not understanding the words that were coming out of his mouth and asked to be transferred to someone who spoke more fluent English... he hung up on me. Then I got some girl whose accent was better, IF SHE SPOKE SLOWLY....   again... I couldn't understand her.... so I have no clue what she said or did to my service or situation...  what's up with This phone and this company?

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