WM 5.0: PPC Edition, Smartphone Edition...Smartphone Pro Edition?

One of the questions I am asked more often is, "What is the difference between a (Windows Mobile) Smartphone and a (Windows Mobile) Pocket PC Phone Edition?"

The simple answer is that the Smartphone version is a phone first and a PDA second. If you are one who handles business or everyday tasks that is more voice-centric than data, don't have the need to manipulate or create data with a touchscreen then this is the platform you'll want to steer yourself towards. Typically the Smartphone has smaller screens and controls designed for easy one-handed access to all your data just as you with by using standard phone functions.

Pocket PC Phones are PDAs first and phones second - ideal for those who'd rather communicate heavily via data services, and working with the fully functional Office Mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Traditional Pocket PC Phone Editions:

If you want more functionality out of your device there are many 3rd party software offerings designed to extend the functionality of your device for each platform. Keep in mind though, that one copy of an application doesn't mean it would work for both - in other words, if you buy an application for a Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 5.0, it doesn't mean that it will also run on a Smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0. You will need to contact the vendor of that program if there is a version compatible for the other platform available for purchase.

Which now comes to mind: What category do the Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash (aka: HTC Excalibur), and the Samsung BlackJack fall under?

If you didn't already know, they are all running Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition, but they have a bit more of an edge in that these devices have larger (non-touch) screens in a comparable 320x240 resolution to their Pocket PC counter part, and have an available QWERTY thumboard, which makes it a bit beyond a Smartphone as it really requires 2 handed operation for effective text entry. With these slight differences over the traditional Smartphone devices (i.e. HTC StarTrek/Cingular 3125 or the HTC Tornado/T-Mobile SDA/Cingular 2125), would it be worth considering them as another edition - a la Windows Mobile Smartphone Pro Edition?

Traditional Windows Smartphones:

I do know the difference :-)

The reason I wanted to bring attention to it, is because of the increase of the emerging designs for SPs to have a QWERTY thumbboard as the original premise was to have SPs mainly for one-handed use.

If you remember with Pocket PC 2003, (1st Edition), there were Pocket PC devices with differing editions (i.e. Professional Edition, Standard Edition, Phone Edition). They were all Pocket PCs - all ran the same software, some had different processor/power requirements, connectivity options and standard add-on applicatons native to the particular edition that were shipped out.

I'm not proposing on renaming the OS at all, I just had an "Arsenio Hall moment" where I thought it would be fun to ponder another "edition" of Windows Mobile (as I sit in a corner thinking about which the 4 versions of Microsoft Vista would be best suit each of my PCs at home).

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