Dude, You're Getting a Dell... Smartphone?


After some previous equivocation, it appears that Dell has decided to move forward to complete its project on smartphone development.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Dell is set to begin developing a smartphone with Windows Mobile or the Android OS as soon as next month. Rumor has it that they've already developed prototypes of each kind.

With rumors swirling about a Dell smartphone for nearly 2 years now, it remains to be seen how far into final development they are with such a device. Dell enjoyed accolades from its now discontinued Axim line of PDA's so certainly Dell has some experience with developing solid mobile devices.

Dell may have been wise in waiting to see how the industry shakes out after the release of the iPhone and the adoption of Android. It will be interesting to see which OS choice Dell will make for their smartphone. Certainly Windows Mobile is an obvious choice for them but offers little in the way of innovation. The Android OS on the other hand would allow them more flexibility in customization, however there is a risk of outright rejection of it as unfamilier from the public. T-Mobiles G1 got a lot of press when it launched, but there's not much in news about it lately.

With computer sales slowing, Dell really needs a big hit and if they do it right, a smartphone could be just the ticket to sucess they need.

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