An Early Death for Microsoft's KIN Phone Series

Only six weeks after a massive launch of Microsoft's new KIN series phones, a story on Gizmodo claims that Microsoft has pulled the plug on the product line due to extremely low sales figures.

The as of yet unconfirmed story appears to be legit with a press release statement from Microsoft. After searching the websites of Microsoft and Verizon Wireless, I was unable to confirm this information with any official press releases, however the story seems to be valid.

The KIN was based on an early flavor of their upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS designed to replace the older consumer phone OS and was heavily marketed toward a younger audience.

The phone very quickly dropped in price after its launch which may have been an early indicator of lackluster sales. The KIN suffered from a lack of apps such as an App Store and a skeptical audience with higher expectations than what the KIN could offer. Being a heavily connected device with its built in apps, the KIN required a full price data plan that may have been beyond what consumers were willing to pay for.

The statement on Gizmodo claims that Microsoft has decided to kill the KIN in an attempt to consolidate development teams to focus on Windows Phone 7.

All plans to produce more KIN's and the European launch have been canceled. Microsoft will continue to work with Verizon to support current inventories and devices sold.

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