Is The Tilt On The Level?

So you’ve been hanging onto your trusty 8125 for a while now, waiting for the next PPC from HTC to knock your socks off. Perhaps you bought the 8525 when it first landed on the shelves and have been wondering what the new 8925 has under its hood to lure you to that annual upgrade you crave. You can’t help but wonder… should I?

The object of your affection is the AT&T 8925, commonly known as the “Tilt”. The latest in a series of successful Windows Mobile phones, the 8925 is the upgrade of the acclaimed 8525 released in late 2006. When the 8525 was released, it set a new standard for Windows Powered phones and carries some of the highest ratings amongst such phones even today. With AT&T just releasing the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the 8525, the question of whether or not to upgrade becomes even more confusing. Let’s look at some details of the new Tilt.

What’s Hot:
The Tilt is built very similar to the 8525 but has unique feature that allows you to tilt the LCD half of the phone upwards after extending the slide out keyboard. The tilt screen changes the viewing angle for typing but only tilts about 15-20 degrees.
The Tilt also boasts a new brand of 400MHz processor and a healthy 256MB of memory onboard. The battery life is rated to be higher than its predecessor and has updated 3G technology and an internal GPS capability and other refinements as well. An updated camera boasts 3 mega pixels and has a new auto focus feature to improve capturing digital images.

What’s Not:
After using the Tilt, the actual tilting of the screen seems fairly useless for most situations and feels cheap in its construction. I could see the hinge getting loose after a while of using it causing it to tilt when you don’t want it too. I personally do not like the front button layout of the Tilt. If we have learned one thing from the iPhone it’s “less is more”. HTC managed to cram more buttons on the front making it harder to use them for fear of pressing the wrong one. The high chrome finish on the front button face makes reading the buttons very difficult in some lighting conditions.
Although the Tilt is slimmer than the 8525, the unit is even heavier at a hefty 6.7 ounces over 6.21 for the 8525.

The Bottom Line:
If you already own an 8125, the 8925 (aka, Tilt) is a very worthy upgrade to be certain. You will be impressed at the new features and snappy performance. With the current promotion from AT&T, you can get into the Tilt for as little as $299 after rebate and a 2 year contract commitment so it’s worth it.

The answer is not as easy for you 8525 owners. If you are like me, you’re sticking with your 8525 now that you have Windows Mobile 6 Professional on it and it works like a champ day in and day out. The 8525 is barely a year old at this point and shares much of the same technology as the new Tilt.
Unless you are seriously into what is hot and new and have money to burn, sticking to the 8525 makes sense for now until it starts getting a little long in the tooth like the 8125 has now.

Thanks for the info. I am a die hard 8525 fan and the 8925 has definitely caught my eye. It is tough to justify dropping that much change on a device if it does not offer enough new functions to really wow me. I think I will just get a Bluetooth GPS receiver and call it even.

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