Motorola Clamps Down on Website For Leaked Update

Nothing gets the mobile world more excited than an imminent update for a mobile smartphone. To state it more clearly, the folks who live for tinkering with their smartphone’s internals that is. I have to include myself in this crowd.

It is not uncommon for early versions of a smarphone’s software to make an appearance on websites as “leaked” well before the final approved version is sent out through official channels for updating. While there is risk involved with installing these pre-released versions of the software, most of the time they work well enough to get by and often get specific tweaks by dedicated users to fix or bridge problems found within the release.

Obtaining these leaked updates is not always easy to do since the websites hosting the software for download to users can lead to legal headaches from the parent company who actually owns the copyright to the software itself. This scenario played out just days ago for the website My Droid World when Motorola sent them a cease and desist order to remove the software update being hosted on their site for users to download.

The update was for Motorola’s Droid X smartphone that updates its software to the much anticipated 2.2 known as Froyo. This update is expected to have several performance improvements and features such as the ability to run software directly from a memory card on the device. The final official build of this update is expected sometime soon from Motorola, hopefully by the end of summer. The Droid X is exclusive to the Verizon Wireless network.

My Droid World removed the software from their website and posted a brief statement along with a redacted copy of the email order from Motorola.

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