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With the recent financial slide of Palm and its purchase approved by Hewlett Packard, many early adopters of the Pre and Pixi are feeling the pinch of having one of their products with what appears to be diminishing support.

Four days ago on Palms support website, a changelog for a software update appeared which usually precludes the actual update being ready for download to the eager masses of Pre users. Unfortunately, the update never came.

After looking into the update at Palms site today, I saw and read the changelog for version 1.4.5 which is a minor update from the for the Sprint Pre version. Within minutes, the page information disappeared upon a refresh and only displayed NULL data. Within minutes of that, the support page page now only displays the current version as was previously displayed.

The sudden change seems baffling but points to either a mistake on Palm's behalf with placing the update information too soon or it could signal that the update may never be available.

Most users had hoped for the promised version with Adobe Flash support, however the posted 1.4.5 log made no mention of this or other hoped for fixes and updates.

With the uncertainty of the WebOS future, many are probably wondering whether or not to move on and upgrade to another Smartphone from a different source. To date, HP has made public statements claiming that they have no intent to compete in the mobile phone arena and intend WebOS for device interfaces such as printers. Hopefully this was only a diversionary tactic and WebOS will be a supported mobile OS for years to come.

I registered just so I could

I registered just so I could leave a comment. PLEASE do more research before posting misleading articles. To start, this website glitch could have happened to any smartphone maker. It has nothing to do with Palm abandoning its users. And where did you get the notion that the update would not come at all? Are you serious??

Second, HP has made very clear in their words (since CEO Mark Hurd's statements) AND actions that they intend to play in the smartphone space. To what degree they'll do that is up for debate, but they did not claim they have no intent on competing in smartphones. Read the context of that investor call (I know you won't) and perhaps you'll be more enlightened.

WebOS users do not lack support, though I'll grant that in the closing moments of this merger things are quiet on the part of both Palm and HP. What we lack is new hardware, though everyone "in the know" is keenly aware that it has been in the works and is on the way.

I really hope your readers don't take what you say at face value, because if they do, they will be mis(un?)informed.

Steve Green - you are an

Steve Green - you are an idiot. This article isn't even close to being true. If you have no idea what you're talking about, don't write a damn story about it. Big time fail.

Steve, Its really a shame


Its really a shame that you did not do enough research before writing this article.

As far as the certainty of webOS's future, I'm not sure where you are getting your information from. HP has said many times that the whole reason they bought Palm was for webOS. HP is definitely not abandoning the mobile phone arena. Maybe you should read up on it. How about this?

Or this:

HP, the largest tech company

HP, the largest tech company in the world with $120 billion a year in revenues, closes a deal this week to acquire Palm and gain access to webOS. HP recognizes that its PC and printer business are in permanent decline, and that smartphones and the greater mobile market are now strategic to their continued success. HP has stated their intention to use webOS as the cornerstone of a strategy to dominate in these incredibly important markets. Thus, to imply that webOS has an "uncertain" future is to assume that a company with more financial, distribution, and supply chain resources than any other tech company would somehow allow their $1.2 billion investment in the platform to languish.

Are you really making such an unsupportable assumption merely because a changelog for a minor update was erroneously posted to a Web site and then naturally taken down?

This is unacceptable

This is unacceptable reporting. It is factually incorrect and woefully misleading. Do some research before posting spur-of-the-moment rubbish like this.

This is truly a terrible

This is truly a terrible piece of journalism. Steve doesn't even make logical conclusions even within the same sentence.

He notes that HP has just closed the deal to purchase Palm, but then he wants to talk about Palm fans feeling the "pinch" of "diminishing support."

I don't know about Steve, but when a colossal company like HP pays a large sum of money and has several of its senior executives talk about how much they love webOS and what it can do, I don't feel the "pinch" of diminishing support.

This entire article's premise is ONLY based on a site glitch, and then it runs with it, making wild and unsupportable conclusions.

This article is an abomination to journalism.

Thank you for your comments,I

Thank you for your comments,

I had intended this simple post to be an observation on the facts that an update appeared to be coming based on Palm's site, and four days later they took it down. 

My other comments were questioning if Palm Pre users, such as myself, will continue to see support for our devices now that Palm has been acquired. The uncertainty is based on comments made by HP's CEO earlier this month and since most of us don't know exactly how this will play out after the acquisition is complete, support for our current Palm phones is up in the air.

I have to ask...where did you

I have to ask...where did you get your facts or was this just a ploy to get new people to sign up? Lacking support? If you don't know about the webos community or even held a Pre, which I don't think you have; we are all about the support. We have only just begun, just because there was a glitch in the system doesn't mean we are floundering. Please check your facts before you write misleading information and spread gossip.

Proud Pre Owner


Steve, I think that with the


I think that with the HP acquisition finishing in a few days, webOS is going to have a good future. I suggest that you do some reading on webOSroundup and Pre-Central.

There are lots of articles on both of those sites about the future of Palm under HP.

Steve - You do realize, of

Steve - You do realize, of course, that millions of bits have already been written about how HP clarified their position re: smartphones, to whit that smartphones are very important to them as a part of an overall strategy to succeed in the larger mobile space. So, really, there's no uncertainty unless one just stopped reading after that original (also poorly reported) Engagdet article was posted.

Fortunately, some people

Fortunately, some people actually took Mark Hurd's comments at HP into context

And if you had any doubts, HP even clarified their own comments

Clearly, someone who would comment on an old soundbite taken out of context and which has since been addressed with several new comments is up to no good.

Great Reporting!

Great Reporting!

What a misleading, if not

What a misleading, if not patently false, headline... For more reliable and accurate reporting on Palm and webOS, see and

And you got all this from a

And you got all this from a Change log error.....First as far as I can tell palm has been doing big things with developers to increase the number of apps in their app catolog, a new PDK is out and palm has been supporting developer seminars all over the country. The HP acquistion seem to be going smoothly and both Palm and HP are keeping customers up to date on any related news. John Rubenstein is still gonna run Palm and they are hiring new people to continue to develop technologies....So here's a couple of questions? Why would HP shell out over 1 billion bucks for a mobile phone company if they don't intend on being successful @ making mobile phones? Why hire new people to help develop new Palm devices ? Why continue to build a App catolog ? As I see it palm is gearing up to do battle in the mobile market not only phones but tablets and other handheld devices. You don't spend a Billion bucks on a cellphone company and acquire Webos just to make your printers, toasters and microwave ovens better. palm is supporting their customers and reassuring them that the future is bright with the HP/Palm merger. Let look @ the whole good reporting..IE report the facts...and not try to predict the future, you're not that good @ it.

Congrats on writing an

Congrats on writing an article so bad that you are generating new subscribers just so we can leave comments.

Dude, you need to do some research. The contents of 1.4.5 have been known since Palm talked about it at the developer conference. It is primarily updates that benefit developers and make it easier to port apps from other platforms.

And Palm doesn't release Flash... Adobe does. WebOS has been flash-ready for months.

There isn't enough space to address all the problems you crammed into one short article. Suffice it to say, you have really harmed your credibility with anyone that knows much about this industry, and Palm in particular.

You need to print a retraction. And you need to think before writing such nonsense.

As a palm pre user yourself

As a palm pre user yourself Mr. Green, you really should try to stay ahead of the curve when reporting on this product, and know that speculative remarks could be miscontrued as fact, repeated over and over in other blogs & twitter, and perceived as fact. I'm thouroughtly convinced that obvious casual observers (sad to say, like yourself in this matter,) will get their standard press release that explains al that very soon. Until then, please, save the death talk and visit & before spewing outdated hypotheticals.

Since you didn't do the

Since you didn't do the research, here are some links to make it easier.

Let's start with HP saying the plan to invest another $200million in Palm when the acquisition is done, probably on July 1st:,1217,a=252252,00.asp?hidPrint=true

Then will quote from this HP executive's official blog:
This message goes out to all fans of Web OS. Stop worrying and speculating. When the deal closes I'm sure you'll hear about lots of great things from HP, until then just know this... We all absolutely love it, we love using Web OS. It's simply fantastic. Instead of worrying you should think about developing Apps on it as soon as possible.

And finally: where an HP exec is quoted as saying "yes, we have a road map. We are working on future devices. And a new version of the OS. So I think you're going to find the next year very exciting."

If I can find that much in 5 minutes of searching the web, I think a professional such as yourself could find something better than "no mention of flash in the sprint release notes for 1.4x".

Really? I mean, REALLY?

Steve Green wrote: Thank you

Steve Green wrote:

Thank you for your comments,

I had intended this simple post to be an observation on the facts that an update appeared to be coming based on Palm's site, and four days later they took it down. 

My other comments were questioning if Palm Pre users, such as myself, will continue to see support for our devices now that Palm has been acquired. The uncertainty is based on comments made by HP's CEO earlier this month and since most of us don't know exactly how this will play out after the acquisition is complete, support for our current Palm phones is up in the air.

Really? The availability of the next point release is what you need to determine a bleak future? Really? And you took old comments from the CEO, out of context, without including the clarifications that HP made ofter that interview - and from that you determined that HP will use their $1.2b acquisition to stop supporting Palm users and make a webOS play that runs counter to being successful in the smartphone market? I mean REALLY?

Do you really think there is anyone other than you questioning whether you will continue to get support for your phone after the acquisition? Really?

I'm not here to be a Palm fan. I'm here because this is nothing more than hack reporting, and it needs to be pointed out. Really.

Not much I can say that

Not much I can say that hasn't been said by others except one thing nobody else caught. The Palm Pre has had the Flash support added since the 1.4 update! Palm has been waiting the same as everyone else for Adobe to release Flash 10.1. Adobe had just this week released it to everyone this last week and I'm sure it will hit the app catalog as soon as it gets tested a bit. Either way get your facts straight before you go writing crap that could possibly stop people from supporting the best mobile OS out there.

Honestly,hearing from all

Honestly,hearing from all these dedicated HPalm supporters how do you feel right now? Stupid right? Please check your facts before saying anything like this again.

Mr. Steve Green really? I

Mr. Steve Green really? I Think I've had my day full of bashing people who's articles/info/sources are all screwy. but where in the hell did you get this info.

Yes there was a mistake in posting the Change log early. But that doesn't mean that the update isn't coming. And I don't know if you know but its really up to the carriers on whether the update gets pushed.

And finally your last paragraph is mostly true, and mostly pure bullshit about the future of Palm, no one knows, not even Palm or HP. And I don't know whether you've been living under a rock, but you should check PreCentral or webOSRoundup because HP is fully backing Palm in whatever they have to do.

Wow, it seems like Steve

Wow, it seems like Steve committed blastphomy against someone's religion!

I do appreciate the education, but there is never a reason to personally insult anyone.

I was an HP engineer in the early 80's. I started this company in 1985 with a magazine about the HP 110 Portable, the first DOS laptop. We covered the HP 200LX Palmtop PC all through the 1990's with The HP Palmtop Paper, . Then we wrote about Windows Mobile and now the iPhone ( ). Consequently, on a personal and professional level, we are VERY interested to see what HP does moving forward.

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