Samsung Marketshare at 10%: Not So Fast, Sammy

Samsung Electronics Co. announced its plans to more than double its sales of Smartphones by the fourth quarter of this year in an attempt to secure the number four position for worldwide sales which is currently held by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

Samsung is currently the world's second largest manufacturer of cell phones and holds the fifth position for Smartphones at just below 5% of world sales. Samsung is preparing to release its much anticipated Galaxy S Smartphone which runs the Android OS.

Realistically, does Samsung have the ability to perform this feat in less than six months, or is this simply press release bravado?

The marketing muscle required to create that kind of demand may be beyond Samsung's abilities in this country and possibly internationally as well. Samsung is at its heart a manufacturing company and has a tremendous aptitude to make electronics in mass quantities.

The marketing creativity and willingness to spend vast sums of money and resources to hype a product seems well beyond their resolve as a company. To date, the biggest selling Android phone came from Motorola with its Droid Smartphone that was heavily promoted through Verizon Wireless. Samsung has a few Android phones in the market, however none of them have equaled the kind of sales that Motorola and HTC have enjoyed so far.

For Samsung to emerge from the shadows to become the fourth largest Smartphone maker in just a few months seems pretty unlikely unless they have a massive marketing plan ready to launch very, very soon. Like tomorrow perhaps. It takes time to coordinate marketing of that kind and get the word out. Can anyone remember the last big Samsung campaign for their cell phones?

My best guess is that that some high level executive within Samsung had a meeting in Korea and commented how he wants to have the fourth position for Smartphone sales worldwide and all of the management proceeded to mimic the call by putting out press releases and making statements and not much else.

Samsung is well regarded for a number of products and quite frankly have been making Smartphones longer than many of its competitors which begs the question as to why they don't already own a larger market share. Samsung believes that they can simply manufacture their way to the top but they fail to realize how to mobilize a market and keep it begging for more of their products like Apple has done with their iPhone, iPod and iPad series. When people are devoted enough to sleep in line to get your product, you've done something right and have created immense loyalty. I don't recall any Samsung phones that garnered that kind of intense love and desire that people slept in front of a store for it.

What do you think? Am I that far off in predicting Samsung's lack of vision for achieving their goal by year's end?

I agree that samsung never

I agree that samsung never garnered strong love and craves for a lot of people but it also has good smartphones out there. but still blackberry and iphone is number for me :)

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