Tilt Your Own Way

The HTC Tilt from AT&T is an interesting device to be sure. It has all of the personality of a PC yet fits easily in your pocket. Since it runs Windows Mobile Professional, it has gained quite a following from hard core tweaker’s and user’s who love to tweak their phones to get the most out of them.

Since its introduction, the Tilt has had a few official updates and several unofficial “cooked” ROM’s that can completely makeover the device from the ground up. The installation of these ROM’s is not for the inexperienced and obviously voids your warranty if it ruins the phone altogether. I have seen a number of these custom ROM’s running on Tilt’s and they are often very impressive works by very dedicated and talented people who love the device and its platform. With the complexity of the Windows OS, it’s not uncommon to see bugs or omissions that can create problems with certain programs or hardware issues, often with the keyboard.

If you are of the mind that you’d like a more unique experience with your Tilt but don’t want to take any risks with unofficial ROM’s there’s a quick and easy change you can do that can have surprising results. When your Tilt was shipped from HTC, it has embedded in its ROM an installation routine that runs when it’s first turned on and after a hard reset. This installation customizes the Tilt to AT&T’s specifications and adds software like the shopping and music services, AT&T Navigator and removes software that that they don’t want you to have such as RealPlayer and Internet Connection Sharing.

Most of the customization process simply adds software that can slow down your Tilt and takes up valuable storage space. If you can live without this software and want to try something new then let’s get started on this simple change.

It’s important to understand that this change requires a hard reset for your Tilt which means everything in memory is erased. You must backup your data and perform a synchronization with your PC to make sure you don’t lose any of your data.

  1. Perform a hard reset: This can be done by using the “Clear Storage” function under the System tab of the settings applet. The other method is to hold down both softkey buttons on the front of the device and press the reset button next to the USB port and follow the instructions.
  2. After the phone has successfully been factory reset, there will be a brief setup process that will have you calibrate the screen, move a mock Dr. appointment and ask you to setup a password. The critical moment is when you’ve completed the last step and you see the final screen showing all is completed. DO NOT tap the screen yet to continue.
  3. This last step requires exact timing to complete. Our main goal here is to interrupt the install routine of the customization software from beginning and trick the device into thinking it is completed. Hold the Tilt so it won’t slide away from you and have your stylus inserted into the reset hole. With one hand you will tap the screen to continue and with the other you will press the reset button less than one-second later.

If your timing was right, the reset process will complete and your Tilt’s color theme should be emerald green. If you see a clear storage message while booting, you missed the timing but you will have the opportunity to try again.


The differences on the Tilt may be subtle, however I think you will be surprised at the extra features and options that are available. One note is that this process will work for most Windows Mobile phones independent of the carrier so you should not have any trouble replicating this procedure for a different device.

Great Steve. Is there a

Great Steve. Is there a simple way of finding which features are added and which are eliminated?  Would I be correct in saying is find a page with HTC TyTnII specs, and that is what the Tilt becomes?

I know one feature that gets added is an Internet sharing app, so you easily use your Tilt as a Laptop modem.

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