Numpty Physics released for Windows Mobile!

Touch Physics has become an instant success on the iPhone. I’ve also purchased it for my phone and spent a lot of time with it.

A Windows Mobile game based on the same ideas has just been released. It requires you to draw objects that, after falling down, trush a ball towards its destination. It’s a free title (as opposed to the iPhone one, which costs $3).

Availability, compatibility

The homepage of the title is HERE, with a direct link to the CAB download. Note that, should you want to run it under Windows Mobile 6.5, you’ll need an additional hack available HERE.

I’ve tested it on four test devices: HP iPAQ 210 (factory Windows Mobile Classic 6.0), HTC Universal (cooked 6.1), Dell Axim x51v (cooked 6.1) and HTC Wizard (cooked 6.1). The first three are VGA, the last is a QVGA device. I had no problems at all with any of them.

It's WM5+ only (no pre-WM5) and, naturally, it doesn't run on touchscreen-less Windows Mobile Standard phones.

Compared to the iPhone / iPod Touch version

- Free

- Lower resolution (on VGA devices too) - pretty blocky on devices with larger screens (like the 4" iPAQ 210)
- No in-game music (which is just great on the iPhone)


If you don’t have an iPhone / iPod Touch, get it. Otherwise, go for the iDevice version instead (if you can and want to afford it) – it’s better.

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