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Apple's iPhone: Is it The Next Mobile Messiah, or Just Another Great Marketing "Job" by Steve??

Apple has always had the upper hand when it comes to great timing of their announcements. There was pre-press guessing on what Jobs was going to pull out of his hat at MacWorld 2007, and he did not disappoint fans and press alike with the much anticipated iPhone. Interestingly, MacWorld always coincides with the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year was no exception.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Sprint's new PPC-6700

I am currently looking at this COOL new PPC PE from Sprint. It is a GREAT device with a few uncorrectable issues, but 1st:

the GOOD- 1. It is the 1st Pocket PC Phone Edition to sport WM 5.0 (and I LOVE the new OS!) By beating everyone to punch for 5.0, Sprint has a sure winner for all of you early adopters out there. Samsung's i730 (Verizon) is WM 2003 2nd Edition, but should receive an upgrade in the near future.


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