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Now that we have entered into November of 2007, it is time for me to say goodbye to all the readers and supporters of my blog here. I have come to a difficult decision to end my long term blogging activities here for now. Due to various issues locally and personally, I have to minimize my time and maximize my exposure by limiting where I blog and how I spend my limited online time.

I would have loved to keep as one of my online activities but unfortunately I am not able to at this time.


Rogers Introduces New Portable Internet Service But is itTruly Portable?

Rogers has launched a new portable highspeed Internet service.
Is this what we Canadians have been wishing for?

"Hish Speed Internet with the Flexibility to Go Where You Go!" is what Rogers calls this new service.

Let's look closer at this service.
- 1.5 Mbps download transfer speed
- 256 Kbps upload transfer speed
- 30 Gb bandwdth/month

Security Feature:
- Norton Antivirus
- Norton Personal F


Psychics and Fortune Tellers Still in the 20th Century

I recently attended a local Psychic Expo. It's been an annual event going back many decades. For me, it has been over 10 years since I last attended one and wanted to see if new technologies have been incorporated into this niche business category.

I was surprised to find very little has changed or anything at all.
In the 1990's, psychics would provide 30 minute readings for about $40 - $50 Canadian.


New Canadian Mobility Website From Microsoft

Microsoft has just launched a new website geared towards Windows Mobile information useful in Canada.

You can go to to see the new website.


Forget the Nintendo Wii and Use your Smartphone Instead

If anyone has played a Nintendo Wii game would quickly realize how you become "one with the Wii force". . . The Wii controller is a cool innovation and adds real wireless interactivity to simple but fun games.

Now, ConcreteSoft has released a version of Lawn Darts which has motion sensor capabilities using the built in camera on your Smartphone or Pocket PC.


Create a Wannabe iPhone with Touch Commander

Touch Commander adds an iPhone like interface to your Pocket PC. Now you can be proud that you have an iPhone or iPhone Touch like device with only a $15 USD investment.

You can go HERE to see more on the Touch Commander. Full review coming soon.


Tired of high mobile phone service charges? Try Truphone instead..

Tired of the high cost of mobile phone charges? Consider using a service called Truphone.

This is a VOIP (Voice Over IP Servcie) that allows free calling to other Truphone users and to landline numbers in 40 different countries. This is a true mobile service since it is accessed through a mobile phone and a Wi-Fi service. Phones that have a built in Wi-Fi can take advantage of this anywhere a Wi-Fi service is available.


Why the larger Mobile Service Providers in Canada Should Have an Inexpensive Data Plan. - Part 2

Part 1 available HERE

Part 2

In part 1, Gavin Steiner, President of Interprom Inc. commented about many of their potential clients being excited about accessing the corporate data from a mobile device but quickly realize that the costs are too prohibitive.


Why the larger Mobile Service Providers in Canada Should Have an Inexpensive Data Plan.

I will get straight to the usage reasons.

1: Play online multi-player games on my Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition devices, Smartphone or JAVA enabled mobile phone.
2: Listen to online radio stations not available via a regular radio like
Magic Radio.
3: Utilize Google Maps with a GPS.
4: Purchase or update my selection of mobility software
5: Watch


How to Find the Right Software For Your Windows Mobile Smartphone Devices


If you have been having trouble sourcing the right software to download onto your phone enabled Windows Mobile device, you are one in many that are experiencing the same problems.

Most of us have purchased devices through a service carrier and do have access to some software titles directly from the service carrier.


Beware: Infomercials Disguised as Tutorials. . .

I recently did a blog titled "How Do You Feel About Product Reviews Where the Reviewer is Paid Large Sums of Cash?". The blog attracted some really interesting comments from both sides.

I wanted to follow up with a similar concern that involves forum postings.
There has recently been a number of posts in the forum section that are created to read like a tutorial or "How To" on IPOD VIDEO CONVERSIONS.


Are Windows Mobile Games Actually Getting More Exciting to Play?


Within the last year or so, we have started to see some really graphically rich games and some with even intriguing gameplay to boot.


New Website Comes From a Recognizable Mobile Developer

Vito Technologies well known for creating some great productivity software has now launched a new website called

This site is a no frills website that allows you to see the software titles available for sale from Vito Technologies and place your order very quickly.

- No banner ads
- No promotional materials
- No Reviews

No junk to weed through. . .


How Do You Feel About Product Reviews Where the Reviewer is Paid Large Sums of Cash?

An online reseller is commissioning EXPERTS to review products in their catalog. I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.


Why the Apple iPhone is Not Available in Canada.

Ever wonder why the Apple iPhone is not available in Canada even though it is available just across the border?

Much of the blame can be targeted at our service providers here in Canada. Canada has two major players. Bell and Rogers. Before I get into compatibility issues with the iPhone, let me say that the data service costs are outrages here in Canada.

The US service providers have an "All You Can Eat" data plans.


Typing 300 Characters Per Minute. . . Is this Possible?

According to Cootek, their new application for Windows Mobile allows you to type upwards of 300 characters per minutes.


Zune, , ,Zune. . .Zune. . .

Microsoft has just announced its latest updated ZUNE product. The original was designed externally mainly by Toshiba. Now Microsoft has utilized it's own internal design team and created the latest offering. Is this the greatest Microsoft media player offering or as the title suggests version 3 will be the charmed device?

The new model boosts a large 3.2 inch screen and upwards of 80 Gigs storage space. I am not too crazy still about the choice of the flat colors and the frame around the screen itself though.


Huge Milestone Reached. . . 100th Review

I have just been informed that Eric Pankoke a fellow Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine blogger has just completed his 100th mobility related review. To most this may not be anything special but for me and I am sure other mobility enthusiasts, this is a huge accomplishment.


Free Software is Good Some of theTime

I have always been on the look out for FREEWARE software titles. Specially those that fall into the accessories or utilities category. I have felt that with each release of the newest operating system, there is always something missing.


Voice Your Appreciation For The Quality Blogs Here

I just wanted to thank my fellow bloggers for posting concise and detailed comments plus reviews on various products and services. I have not been as prolific as most of the others here recently. Lately, I have been busy enjoying their postings more so then devoting time in creating my own quality posts. If you also feel that the Smartphone and Pocket PC bloggers have been providing quality blogs throughout the year, please make your views heard here.

Thanks and again, thank you to all the bloggers here for providing excellent views on mobility and related products.


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