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The Week in Games: Dragon Bird

Dragon Bird is another vertical scroller shoot 'em up game, this time from U Mobile. This one's military themed and offers military jets with (albeit non-realistic) interchangeable weapons you can purchase between levels after you've earned some money.


The Week In Games: Firetop Adventure

Firetop Adventure is yet another platform scroller (seems like there's been a lot of those lately). This time the story is a little spooky: your job is to root out an evil entity that's turning harmless creatures into hideous monsters. Although FA is still a little cartoonish, it does have an advantage over its purely run-and-jump competition in that it gives you weapons against enemies, lets you blast through walls with bombs (my favorite), and has some interesting puzzles.


The Week In Games: Nicky Boom

Nicky Boom is a port of a famous Amiga platform game. It's one of those games that makes me wish I had an Amiga back in the day. (I still remember that trip I made to Warren Radio in Peoria, IL back in the 80s and they just happened to have an Amiga on display. It almost seemed like a magical experience. Where have all the good times gone?) 


The Week in Games: Through Enemy Eyes

Through Enemy Eyes has a strange setup for a game. On the one hand, it's a treasure-hunting arcade based on exploring ancient ruins. You know the routine: wandering through ancient crypts, finding treasure, taking out bad guys (mummies and such), and the usual mischief. But don't expect a fast-paced arcade shooter (Lode Runner) or a tricky puzzle game (Pitfall). Through Enemy Eyes (TEE) is entirely turn-based.  


The Week in Games: Distant Galaxies

This one may be a freebie, but it has a good foundation to become a decent game. The good: It's a space shooter with very decent graphics, large, fairly complex levels, a multitude of enemies, power-ups to make your ship stronger, decent animation and video effects, and a decent flow. It also has mappable controls to ensure playability across a wide range of devices. 


Pocket Commodore 64: Send Your Requests to Clickgamer

Since it came out a few years ago, Pocket Commodore 64 has pretty much come to be the definitive emulator for the old C64 platform. Clickgamer is working on a new version of the program and would like your input on new features. Since I'm not really an emulator guy myself, I don't really have any suggestions for the program, but I'm sure some of you do. If so, be sure to send them an e-mail at support [at] pocketgamer [dot] org.


Fast Future Race Updated

Marc Fortin, the developer behind Fast Future Race (FFrace), a futuristic Wipeout-styled racing game, dropped me a line to let me know the game has been updated.


Christmas Freebie

In what will apparently be one of the very few Christmas-related freebie games available this year (the other is a Christmas-themed version of Quartz), Clickgamer has released Snowed In 4, their holiday-themed Bejeweled clone.

New features include:

"New music, effects and graphics
Frosty puzzle graphics
Fluid game engine
EASY and TIMED game modes
Swap vertically, horizontally, and diagonally
Continuous play!


Diamodoku Syndrome

Plinydogg over at Pocket PC Gems has posted a rant that has provoked quite a bit of discussion. It's about the seemingless endless profileration of games based on diamond/gem matching and Sudoku. I feel his pain, and I've pointed out this trend many times in my newsletter and the print column. There are just way too many of these Bejeweled/Tetris/Dr. Mario, etc. games out there, and having endless duplication of these titles detracts from those making quality versions of these games.


EA Acquires JAMDAT Mobile

EA, the game publishing giant on a number of platforms, has purchased JAMDAT Mobile, Inc., for a surprisingly large $680 million. From the press release:

'EA and JAMDAT together plan to publish over 50 games for mobile phones in the first twelve months following the completion of the acquisition, including popular titles like Tetris, Bejeweled, JAMDAT Bowling, Need For SpeedTM, EA SPORTS Madden NFLTM Football and EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer.

“This is an important strategic acquisition for Electronic Arts,†said EA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Probst.


Pocket LOOX N560

I lost interest in Fujitsu as a maker of Pocket PCs years ago after I got fed up with my LOOX 600. Support for the device in the U.S. was nil. It was also plagued by some issues (dusty screen, button lag) that even a first-gen device really shouldn't have considering how late the company got into the Pocket PC space.


Anthelion 2 Public Beta

Most of you into games have probably have at least heard of the space shooter Anthelion if you haven't played it. The sequel, Anthelion 2, is on the way, and there's a public beta going on this week for those of you interested in checking it out:

"Two years ago wee rocked the mobile gaming scene with a game proving that devices were capable of realtime 3D graphics, and that shooting up bad guys from a far-away galaxy can be a lot of fun. The game was Anthelion, and it has been honored with a handful of awards and great reviews ever since.



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