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MobileGazette.com Reviews the Sony Ericsson Aspen

 According to MobileGazette.com: :The Sony Ericsson Aspen is a Blackberry-style Windows smartphone, and is the first handset of its type from this manufacturer."   


Windows Mobile 6.5.3

According to a post on Engadget, Sony Ericsson's Aspen will be the first device to boast Windows Mobile 6.5.3.  

 Some of the specifications:



AlterNet.org: 5 Ways Techno-Gadgetry Is Bringing Out the Worst in Humanity

Everything from handy gadgets like cell phones and iPods to user-friendly weaponry like Tasers have changed the way we work, play and police. 



What is the Total Cost of Ownership for Some of the Most Popular Smartphones

 When Google's Nexus One launched a few weeks ago, BillShrink.com produced an infographic comparing the 'total cost of ownership' for a number of popular smartphones: Nexus One, iPhone, Droid and Palm Pre. 


HTC You Campaign TV Commercial

I absolutely love HTC's new advertising campaign. It's hip and fast-paced, very appealing to potential smartphone users. The engaging commercials are just like music videos or mini-documentaries, but the touch is light and entertaining as they demonstrate the intrinsic connection between people and their phones. And that's important since mobiles don't just make calls these days, but rather function as a complete productivity and entertainment system. 


Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X2

On September 2nd, Sony Ericsson announced the XPERIA X2, a new Windows-powered smartphone which they dscribe as offering "...a best in class email and multimedia experience. In the modern world where 24/7 communication is key, users can instantly synchronise their mail and calendar and open and edit Microsoft® Office Mobile documents quickly and efficiently to stay connected with colleagues wherever they are." the X2 will be available in selected markets from early Q4 2009.


Now Available v3 of Skype for WinMobile

Skype has released the Windows Mobile v3 of its popular VOIP software. Download it  from their site - http://www.skype.com/go/downloading-winmobile - or grab the CAB file directly to your device - http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-winmobile-cab (don't forget to make the CAB file 'read-only'.


ACER X960 First Impressions via pocketpcfaq.com

ACER X960 First Impressions
by Pocket PC FAQ's Raj Pillai


Did Steve Ballmer Hint That There Is a SmartZunePhone on the Horizon?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was recently interviewed by Martin Veitch, editor for CIO.com directly after his keynote speech at Microsoft's London conference “Technologies to Change Your Business: How Customers Are Implementing Tomorrow’s Strategies Today”.

One statement made by Ballmer might be of extreme interest for Windows Mobile enthusiasts:


Skype Unveils Unlimited Calling (multiple plans for multiple countries)


Crank up the wi-fi on your windows mobile devices because has Skype got a deal for you:

- Unlimited calls* to landlines and cell phones in the US and Canada.
details: http://skype.com/allfeatures/subscriptions/uscanada/

- Unlimited calls to landlines* in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.
details: http://skype.com/allfeatures/subscriptions/mexico/

- Unlimited calls to landlines* in 34 countries worldwide.
details: http://skype.com/allfeatur


The Feature I'd Like to Add to Windows Mobile

The ability to play more video file types without jumping through hoops; for example: Flash (.flv, .swf) and QuickTime (.mov), and not just via a web browser when visiting a site, but also ones on a storage card.  


Is There An Upgrade Special for Agendus for Windows Mobile v.2.2?

Iambic - well-known to the Best Software Awards - recently emailed to inform me that there were:

...two major enhancements to our latest Agendus for Windows Mobile v.2.2 update that you won't want to miss, including an Active Sync Provider that will allow you to smoothly transfer icons and day colors from Agendus Windows on your PC to your phone and vice versa.

and to make the choice to upgrade even sweeter, rather than their usual U$9.95 fee, they've h


Is There a Public Beta for SoftMaker Office 2008 for Pocket PCs?

I recently received a very exiting email from SoftMaker:

Effective immediately, you can download the beta version of SoftMaker Office 2008 for Pocket PCs from our web site - free of charge!

This new version of SoftMaker Office for Pocket PCs contains:

* TextMaker 2008, the new version of our word processor
* PlanMaker 2008, the new version of our spreadsheet
* SoftMaker Presentations 2008, the first release of SoftMaker's alternative to PowerPoint

SoftMaker Presentations brings to the Pocket PC, for the firs


What is My One Must-Have Windows Mobile Tweak/Hack?

It's not so much which single Windows Mobile tweak/hack I can't live without, but more like which tweak/hack utility I've found to be the most helpful over the years. That would be Tweaks2k2 which is currently at v3.30.0. The software has been repeatedly honoured over the years in the Best Software Awards, from getting nomiated to making it to the finals to winning three years in a row.



What is the InfoJack Trojan and How Does it Affect Windows CE machines?

According to a post made a short while ago on The Register, users of devices running Windows CE should be worried about InfoJack Trojan.

Miscreants have created a Trojan capable of infecting mobile devices running Windows CE.

The InfoJack Trojan spreads by either tricking mobile users into installing seemingly legitimate application installation files or if punters inadvertently use an infected memory card on vulnerable devices.


Sony Ericsson Web Conference

A couple of days ago, I attended a web conference put on by Sony Ericsson for members of the press to detail the launch of the Xperia and a number of other products. At that time, I wasn't able to invite any of my readers, but I've just been informed by my contact that the event recording is now available. If you register, you can check it out: SE WebCon


is eReader Pro Now Free? And What About Fictionwise?

According to an email I just received from eReader.com - I'm on their customer newsletter list, they were acquired by Fictionwise and now all pro versions of the eReader software are free. Naturally, I rushed right over and grabbed

Here are some more details about the purchase and transition:

Fictionwise, Inc. recently acquired eReader, and we have been in a transition period for the past six weeks or so.

As the final part of this transition, this week the eReader.com web site has been undergoing a major transition onto a completely new hardware and software platform.


Does Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 Have an Official Site?

Click the image to visit the official Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 site:



Is There Any Video of the Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1?

Click this image to watch a YouTube-hosted commercial featuring the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1:

Video of the Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1


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