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10 Days Until The iPhone



Well it's finally arriving, both my first post here on the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine blogs, and Apple's new iPhone. First a big thanks to Hal Goldstein and Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine for hosting these newly updated blogs. Hal is a kind and courteous man who has really done wonders keeping the magazine going and growing all these years.

For the folks out there who don't know me I am the Conference Chairman of the Smartphone Summit conference that takes place at CTIA Wireless events in the US. We focus on enterprise solutions utilizing cutting edge Smartphone devices from all makes and operating systems. My blogs will therefore cover all facets of Smartphone technology.

So lately I have received alot of email and questions regarding what my take is on Apple's upcoming iPhone and its potential uses as a converged wireless device that could be carried by a mobile professional. Well for starters it seems once again that Apple has managed to come a little late to the game, with technology that has been repackaged, but in a way that looks and feels a step above many other existing devices in its class. There was nothing revolutionary about the iPod either, other than its simple interface and ease of use, along with integration with the Apple-owned iTunes music portal. But yet something about the look and feel of the iPod suddenly spawned a whole nation of users sporting little white earbuds as far as the eye could see.

Will history repeat itself or has Apple finally stepped into a market where it will finally face some stiff competition? The blogs are ablaze with opinions, including what Apple's intended demographic is for this new device, especially at the price point they're planning.


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