Opera 8.5 beta on WM5 - it is certainly different from the WM2003(SE) version and is working GREAT!


Now that I am a proud owner of a shiny, new Dell Axim x51v running WM5, with the latest, A06, ROM version*, the first application I jumped at was, of course, Opera, the new browser for the Pocket PC, to finally find out whether the WM2003(SE) version is more unreliable than the WM5 one. You may well remember that I've, along with a lot of other Pocket PC users, have found the beta version of Opera 8.5 pretty unreliable after scrutinizing it on two of my pre-WM5 devices. Also, if you cast a glance at Opera-related threads, you can clearly see there're clearly two kinds of users: according to half of the users, Opera rocks, and the other half says (like me in my WM2003(SE)-based review) it needs a lot of bugfixes/improvements. Now, you'll see everybody is right: if you test/use it on a WM5 device, you'll find it excellent and if you test it under WM2003(SE), you won't necessarily do the same. I've played with the two versions on my PDA's a lot (in addition to the x51v, the WM2003SE Pocket Loox 720 and the WM2003 iPAQ 2210) and found out that the two versions (WM5 and pre-WM5) are indeed different, the WM5 version being far more reliable and dependable. It hasn't crashed on me at all and hasn't ever stopped transferring pages/resources, unlike the two other, pre-WM5 devices. This means I was right in my first review: the beta version indeed has problems on WM2003/WM2003SE devices - or, at least, on the Pocket Loox 720 and the HP iPAQ 2210. The WM5 version is considerably more reliable.


Another Nasty PIE Bug Found


Unfortunately, Internet Explorer (IE for short) has always been the biggest CSS StyleSheet development headache, especially the Pocket version, Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE for short). While the desktop version of IE doesn't crash upon encountering any kind of CSS/markup/layout combinations, the pocket version does. Upon a Pocket PC user complaint here at the PPCMag forum, I've spent some hours on throroughly scrutinizing the BBC World Service homepage to find out what causes PIE to crash on both WM2003 and WM2003SE devices, independent of the layout mode ("Fit to Screen" in WM2003 / "One Comumn/Default/Desktop" in WM2003SE) and whether images are allowed or not. Note that the PIE in PPC2k2 does not crash upon enocountering problematic pages – I've tested – and, according to PPCMag Forum Administrator David Hettel, they work on WM5 devices too. The Explanation for the Problem Whenever PIE encounters a Web page that doesn't display anything before displaying two elements with styletags 'float' and 'width' attributes defined next to each other (that is, without anything in between – not any kind of other tags, no text, not even a non-breakable space (&nbsp;) ) and one of the HTML elements is an ordered or an unordered list (<ol> or <ul> tags) then, PIE will just crash & immediately exit.


WM2003SE PIE: "Press OK to continue loading the content of this page"


Q: I'm using Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) under WM2003SE. With a lot of pages, I keep getting the "Press OK to continue loading the content of this page" message like on the following screenshot: Click for screenshot You can also see this in effect if you click this link from your PIE (SWF file linked from PPCT). A: Unfortunately, this is an inherent problem, which isn't a bug but a "feature" explained here, which means it won't be "fixed" in the next versions of PIE either. What can you do to combat this problem? First, PIE plug-ins (PIEPlus, MultiIE, Spb Pocket Plus) won't work, not even ftxPBrowser, because they all use the PIE engine.


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