Another revolutionary multiplatform utility by me: add "find in page" support to most mobile web browsers!!!

I’ve long been complaining about the lack of any “find in page” functionality in most mobile Web browsers. Now that I’ve played a bit with JavaScript scriptlets, I can proudly present a working solution to this problem.

All you need to do is, independent of the Web browser you use, add the following favorite:


Another major breakthrough from me: I've enabled copying from Opera Mini on ALL mobile platforms!!

As has been pointed out in all of my articles dedicated to the excellent, lightweight browser Opera Mini, in addition to the lack of italic characters, probably the biggest problem with it has always been the lack of support for copying text from a Web page.


How do I extract embedded WAV files from my Pocket Notes PWI files?

Q: ActiveSync doesn't automatically extract embedded WAV files from my Pocket Notes PWI files. What should I do so that I can listen to my voice notes on my PC too, not only on my Pocket PC?


Forced refresh of the Today screen?

Q: I love playing with manually overwriting \Windows\stwater.gif by hand to switch to another Today background image without using any third-party tools or the buggy, almost useless Settings/Today background setter applet. However, I need to soft reset my device to make changes visible. Can anything be done to avoid resetting?

A: Definitely. Just execute this small app on your PDA.


RELEASE: Ipaqman with a decent installer & storage card support

Upon trying to find an answer to the question here, I've run into Ipaqman - v1.0, a nice freeware game compatible with all my latest Pocket PC's (iPAQ 3660, iPAQ 2210 and Pocket Loox 720). (Make sure you use the stylus to move and not the D-Pad! Also, I haven't tried to make the multiplayer option work.


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