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Burn The CD

My T-Mobile G1 that runs Android arrived at my house several weeks ago, missing something that has shipped with every single Windows Mobile device I have ever owned, a CDROM. The missing CD may not seem significant in this day of the Internet where you can easily download and install ActiveSync from a web site than use a CD, but the significance of its exclusion to me is for what it represents.


Celio Extends Discount On Redfly


 The Celio Redfly is a device that provides a netbook-sized keyboard and monitor for Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs. Originally priced at as much as $500, Celio has had a discount promotion during the month of October during which they have been selling the Redfly for $199. Reports are that Celio has extended the promotion for a couple more weeks, and as of November 4, the discount is still available on their web site.


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