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Freebie Updates: Dashwire, Yahoo Go


A couple of the better freebies just got even better, with recent updates to Yahoo Go and Dashwire. In addition to noting these, I want to highlight Microsoft’s Windows Mobile web site and mention two new offerings on our site: the 2008 Best Software nominees and a new wristwatch phone.

Dashwire Releases New Version


Apple’s MobileMe, Freeware, More Device Reviews

As usual, Apple’s June 9 announcement of MobileMe stirred things up a bit, pointing toward a future of “cloud computing.” This week we’ll look at that and a new service for Microsoft Exchange-like syncing, as well as freebies and reviews of new devices.

“Cloud Computing” and Apple’s New MobileMe


Voicemail on Steroids, Video of Samsung Omnia, Device Reviews

YouMail is a great, and free, voicemail service filled with features, which now include visual voicemail. Plus, this week we’ll note some more reviews and announcements of hot new devices, including a video of the Samsung Omnia's touch interface.

YouMail — Free and Feature-filled Voicemail


More iPhone-like Windows Mobile Devices Announced

Perhaps timed to coincide with the announcement of the iPhone 3G, a couple more exciting new Windows Mobile phones were recently announced by Samsung and HTC. This week we’ll also note more reviews of the Touch Diamond, as well as new devices from E-TEN.

Apple iPhone 3G

Apple stirred things up again Monday with it’s announcement of the iPhone 3G, and as in the past it will likely affect the direction of the industry.


Google’s Android Phone, HTC Advantage, Freebies

Google’s new Android platform isn’t for Windows Mobile devices, but I want to point you to some exciting demo videos — because it’s inevitable that your phone, whatever the platform, will eventually have these kinds of features. Also, this week we’ll note other new devices and some freebies.

Videos of Live Demo of Android


More Windows Live, Browser Wars, Device Reviews

I’ve been a bit confused by the Windows Live offerings for mobile devices, so this week I thought I’d point to a few more bits of information. Plus, this week we’ll note browser news and some reviews of new devices.

Windows Live for Mobile Devices


Updates: Live Search, Yahoo Go , Windows Live, New Devices

This week I want to alert you to Live Search and Yahoo Go updates, plus the arrival of a post-beta version of Windows Live Mobile. Also, we’ll note a few new devices, including one with a digital TV receiver.

Updates for Live Search Mobile and Yahoo Go

In my mind, these are two major connected applications, as both Microsoft and Yahoo vie to give you a handy free resource for mobile content.


HTC Touch Diamond Interface Better than iPhone?

HTC has rightly been getting a lot of notice for its series of Touch devices, which some users feel are setting the standard for ease of use in the Windows Mobile arena. The latest entry is the HTC Touch Diamond, announced last week and due in North America later this year.


New HTC Touch Diamond, New Interfaces, New Devices

The iPhone continues to influence the industry, with the forthcoming HTC Touch Diamond sporting a remarkable new and stylish interface. I’ll point you to some videos of that, as well as other Windows Mobile iPhone-like interfaces.

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC has rightly been getting a lot of notice for its series of Touch devices, which some users feel are setting the standard for ease of use in the Windows Mobile arena.


Microsoft's free downloads


 Microsoft Downloads — Keep in mind Microsoft’s Cool Stuff Web page, with ring tones, themes, wallpapers, games, and the mobile applications Live Search, Zumobi, and Viigo. You can download directly to your device by going to windowsmobile.com/coolstuff.


Games and Other Freebies, Useful Tips, Connected Apps

Doug Goldring has posted yet another installment of his free games roundups, so this week I wanted to note that as well as some other freebies, some great tips, and more on connected applications.

Free Games


Freeware, Video News, Device News

This week we note some freeware, news about video offerings including YouTube, and new devices and updates.

Freebies: mDigger Aggregator, Duplicates Eliminator

mDigger came out early last year. In addition to being an RSS, podcast, and vidcast aggregator, it also lets you gather content from regular mobile sites. It has a helpful catalog of RSS feeds worldwide. You need to register on the site, set up your feeds, and download the application. You can also view your feeds via your
Web browser.


Yahoo’s Mobile Offerings, Freeware, New Devices

Yahoo continues to ramp up its mobile offerings, and this week we’ll look briefly at their free Yahoo Go and their mobile portal, which now has widgets. We’ll also note a couple new devices and some freebies.

Yahoo Go 2.0

Although it was first announced over a year ago, I only recently tried the free Yahoo Go 2.0 for the first time — and liked it a lot. It’s a great example of a “connected application”: an application that serves to give you quick and convenient access to specific
Internet content.


Windows Mobile 6.1, New Devices

The CTIA Wireless trade show in Las Vegas last week was the occasion for major announcements, including Windows Mobile 6.1 and a number of new devices. This week we’ll also note a great new Web site.

Windows Mobile 6.1


Phone as Internet Access Point, Freeware, Trends

This week I want to highlight Internet Access Sharing, which lets you connect your laptop to the Internet via your phone's data connection. Also, we'll look at some free
Web services and freeware, as well as note some interesting trends.

Go Online with Your Laptop Via Your Phone


Your Mobile Future: Open Access, High Speed, GPS, Multiple Form Factors

A number of developments this past week point to the future of mobile devices, so I wanted to briefly note them, as well as a number of new mobile
Web offerings.

Mobile Trends


Yahoo’s Mobile Services, Tips

Yahoo continues to forge ahead with it’s mobile offerings, and this week I wanted to alert you to their most recent announcement. Plus, I’ll point you to a few useful tips.

Yahoo’s Mobile Offerings

It’s amazing how much I’ve come to depend on being able to access the Internet via my device. The mobile universe continues to expand, and one of the leaders has been Yahoo.


Virus Threat, HP iPAQ 210 Review, Software News

The first ever Windows Mobile virus has been found “in the wild,” but so far it’s not a serious threat. This week we’ll also look at the HP iPAQ 210 and other hardware and software news.

WinCE/Infojack Trojan


New Devices Include Sprint and Sharper Image; DST Update

New devices continue to spawn — and some of these gizmos look pretty hot. We’ll note new offerings from Sprint, Sharper Image, and others. Plus, this week we’ll note a new Daylight Savings Time download.

Sprint, Sharper Image Phones


Latest Goodies, Freebies, Updates

Our blog is loaded with updates from the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so I wanted to cover that this week, plus note some freebies, upgrades to Windows Mobile 6, and other news.

State-of-the-Art at Mobile World Congress

Werner Ruotsalainen, our prolific blogger, attended the Mobile World Congress and posted a number of articles that give an overview of the latest developments in specific areas:


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