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More New Devices, Freebies

A number of new devices were announced last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It’s fun to see where things are headed, so this week we’ll note these new devices, as well as some recent freebies.

New Devices Announced

Most of the excitement last week surrounded the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, but a number of other devices were announced as well.


New Sony Ericsson Device, Internet Widgets

Mobile World Congress 2008 is going on in Barcelona this week, and we can likely expect a lot of announcements. The big news already is the Microsoft alliance with Sony Ericsson and the announcement of the Xperia X1. This week we’ll also look at Internet widgets and a new
Web site.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 isn’t due until the second half of 2008, but its announcement generated a lot of excitement.


New Browsers, New Devices, New Resources

Skyfire is a new—and free—Web browser that’s stirring considerable interest. We’ll also give an update on the Zumobi browser, talk about other useful new resources, and mention some recent reviews of new devices.

New Browsers: Skyfire and Zumobi

Apple’s iPhone has set the standard pretty high for mobile browsing, and Windows Mobile is having to play catch up. A couple recent announcements suggest that there’s a better browsing experience in your future.


Some Great New Mobile Video Resources

I’ve just been playing with vTap, a free application that gives you access to the world of
Web video on your device, so I thought I’d cover that this week as well as some other great new video resources.

Mobile Video via vTap

vTap is a pretty amazing application for searching for videos on the
Web and playing them on your device. It gives you access to the universe of Web video, from YouTube to Yahoo Video to Metacafe.


Recent Freebies, New iPAQ Pocket PC

There were some freebies announced this past week, so I thought I’d mention those and some other recent freebies. Plus, we’ll note the release of the new iPAQ 210 Pocket PC.

Full-Screen Soft Keyboard


CES Trade Show, Redfly Mobile Companion

This past week the big news was the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As always, a major event was Bill Gates’s keynote. I’ll point you to a summary, plus share a link to a hilarious video featured in the keynote. Also, we’ll look at the Redfly Mobile Companion and free software for using Wi-Fi to let your laptop access your phone’s Internet connection.

Humorous Bill Gates Video


More Fabulous Freebies and Phone Resources

Last week we covered a range of free phone resources, such as powerful voicemail systems and group notification services. This week we’ll cover some more freebies, including a free iPhone-like interface for your device.

Pointui Home— Free Touch Interface

Like it or not, it seems like 2007 was the year of the iPhone. Not only did it generate a lot of buzz, but it also influenced Windows Mobile development, including the popular Touch series of devices from HTC.


Cool Free Phone Resources

In the past I’ve created some online resources that I’ve mentioned many times: our Best Sites page, a categorized listing of hundreds of the top Windows Mobile
Web sites, and our Mobile Sites page, a listing of mobile portals. Now I’m working on a new page that lists free phone resources, some of which I’ve covered in the past and others that I’ll mention for the first time in this column.

Free Sources for Quick Information


Top Five Free Games, 10 Best Applications; Other Freebies

Happy holidays to everyone. In keeping with an end-of-year tradition, I offer the best of 2007: Doug Goldring’s top five free games of the year, and Clinton Fitch’s annual list of top 10 applications. Plus we look at a few other freebies.

Top Five Free Games


Freebies, Tips, Trends, and More

I love freebies, and a few more came to my attention this past week. Plus, I’ll alert you to some tips, a great article in the New York Times, and some other resources.

Free Games and Services


Mobile Social Networking, Shopping Discount, Updates

Recently I’ve been alerted to several more social networking mobile sites, so
I thought I’d mention them. Plus, I want to mention a discount offer relevant to
this shopping season, some freebies, and other updates and resources.

Mobile Social Networking


New Wireless Era Dawning; New Devices from Verizon

Google has just announced that it will be bidding in the forthcoming spectrum auction. This and an announcement from Verizon suggest a shakeup in the industry that will benefit consumers. This week I’ll point you to some discussion of this, as well as note new devices from Verizon.

Dreaming Dreams of Freedom from the Mobile Carriers

It’s perhaps unfortunate that the mobile carriers get blasted so much; they are, after all, providing a crucial service to us, and are simply trying to make a buck — just like any other enterprise.


New Devices, Freebies, Mobile TV

In this week’s column I want to point you to a great "ya-gotta-see-this" video that demos a new i-mate device. Plus, we’ll note a couple freebies and some mobile sites, including a site for streaming TV with hundreds of channels.

i-mate Connects to LCD Display


Best Software Winners Announced, Mobile Facebook

Last week we announced the winners of the 2007 Best Software Awards — in an astonishing 189 categories. These awards help you in two ways: they give you a quick overview of the different kinds of software available for your device, and they help you select the best software. Also this week we’ll note some new mobile sites as well as a free game.

2007 Best Software Awards


Google Announces Phone Platform; New AT&T Phone

Google finally made an announcement last week, and it wasn’t what everyone was expecting. Instead of announcing the Gphone, they announced an alliance for a new phone platform. We’ll look briefly at that, as well as note a new phone from AT&T.

Google’s Android

In general, the market for mobile phones continues to boom, and, in particular, the
Smartphone market has grown by over 100% from June 2006 to July 2007.


Windows Mobile Demos, New Devices

Microsoft recently launched a new area of the Windows Mobile site that has
some great Flash demos. In addition, this week I want to update you on some new

Microsoft’s “Start Doing More†Portal


New Devices from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon; Streaming Audio

Sprint is set to release the Sprint Touch and Verizon the Samsung SCH-i760. Also, AT&T has announced the forthcoming BlackJack II. This week we’ll cover these devices, as well as note a new streaming audio service.

HTC Touch from Sprint

Thanks in part to Apple’s iPhone, devices emphasizing a touch interface are generating a lot of excitement. In the summer, HTC announced the HTC Touch, and now Sprint will begin offering the Touch by HTC on November 4.


Free MS Live Search Now Includes Voice Search

We have two amazing free offerings to talk about this week, both of which use speech recognition to provide you with information: an update to Microsoft Live Search Mobile and the new Dial Directions.

MS Live Search Offers Voice Search


Best Software; Great Mobile Resources

We’re always eager to save you time by alerting you to the best resources for your device. And in that spirit we’ve just recently announced our Best Software Awards 2007 finalists. I’ll touch on that in this column, as well as talk about some more great mobile resources.

Best Software Awards 2007 Finalists Announced


New Devices from HTC, Palm, AT&T; Daylight Savings Time Info

This week I want to look at some new devices launched by HTC, as well as reviews of other new devices now available. And we’ll note a download to prepare for the shift from Daylight Savings Time.

New Devices from HTC

HTC recently launched two new Windows Mobile devices and a new version of the HTC Touch.


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