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How to "mobilize" your blogs

If I had a mobilized content service, I would call it hubdog. Sounds edgy. This review is really about content aggregation, as I tried all kinds of stuff on my hokey personal website and blog in order to "mobilize" my content, which I will go into ad nauseum in a bit (I really like an on-line mobile publishing tool called WINKSite). The unbelievable thing is it's all free, and you don't have to be a webmaster guru to figure it out. Heck, you don't even need a web server. My ISP gives me just enough space to put up a basic web page, for instance, so check to see if your broadband provider gives out the same freebie, as they don't always advertise the free web services. What exactly am I talking about? In a nutshell, you can get your own free blog site (try blogger for instance), and can subsequently have it fed out or re-published in a variety of formats, say to your web page or another web site, or to your phone or Pocket PC. You will be amazed at the myriad free services available that can aid you in getting your content out there.

For this review we'll look at the following free services: hubdog, WINKSite, Blogger, and FeedBurner, which are the tools I used. Another reason for this post, one which involves all of our blog experts and our reader experts as well, is to gather suggestions for doing something like this for our SmartPhone and Pocket PC expert blog, so feel free to chime in on any of this.


Use Handy Weather to stay out of the rain...

Handy Weather by Paragon Software

It's quite handy! Pun intended. This will probably be the first in a series of reviews on weather-related products for the Pocket PC, but wanted to post on this particular product since it's recently been released. It's also the one I'm currently playing with. My first impression has been positive (having had it running for like maybe a day now), although I'm a little dubious about the Accuweather digested forecast data, which the snazzy graphics are based on.


Want to make screenshots of your games or even your screenshot tool itself? You can do that with ScreenShotCE

Very flexible and inexpensive tool for capturing screenshots on Window's Mobile devices, to include games. The application features many extra features like automatically zipping screenshots, saving in multiple formats, support for portrait/landscape modes, and more...


Tweak the today screen and capture a shot of it with VITO Screen Capture and Theme Editor

VITO Screen Capture and Theme Editor
Theme Apps
More Reviews...

These 2 programs go so well together, that I had to combine them in this review. 2 exceptional desktop add-on apps for PPC, especially for anyone who is always tweaking their devices as much as I am!


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