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Wavigo Supercedes Skype in Cyberspace Communications

Think of all the separate ways you can now communicate in cyberspace: VoIP, SMS, eMail, IM and more. The problem is that you need a separate client to perform each of these functions. Or at least you used to, but that’s no longer true with the advent of Wavigo.

Wavigo will allow you to make Internet phone calls using either broadband or dial-up connections. Skype only allows broadband connections. You can even talk to Skype subscribers over Wavigo.

Wavigo will let you send SMS messages from a desktop or laptop to other computers or cell phones or to retrieve information.


New SanDisk Cruzer Micro Flash Drive

Not long ago I installed an MP3 FM Modulator in my car and have been using a spare 256 MB flash drive with it that quickly filled up, and I needed more capacity for my insatiable taste for tunes.

Browsing for flash drives, I landed on the SanDisk site, which has long been my expansion card maker of choice anyway. On the home page, the new colorful Cruzer Micro Flash Drive caught my attention. I clicked on it and learned that they measure only 7.9mm x 18.95mm x 52.2mm making them the smallest flash drives available.


Samsung SCH-i730 Pocket PC Phone Edition for Verizon

My first impression after taking this device out of the box and hefting it was that it was one sexy unit with its slide out keyboard. I have gone on record elsewhere saying that I don’t like thumb keyboards for two reasons. One is that I think they are awkward and inefficient to use, and the other is that they take up space and extend the size of the unit or compromise screen size.

It seems to me that Samsung has ameliorated both of these objections.


i-mate SP3i Smartphone

This so-called candy bar phone is a compact companion measuring 4.25” x 1.75” x .75” and weighing 3.25 ounces. It runs on a Window Mobile 2003 second edition for Smartphone operating system and will not be up gradable to the 2005 version. Memory consists of 64 MB ROM and 32 MB SDRAM. It offers GSM/GPRS functionality with an internal antenna, SIM card, Bluetooth, and a mini-SD expansion slot. It also has InfraRed capability, a VGA quality camera, and a 64k color transflective LCD screen.


Motorola i930 Smartphone for Nextel/Sprint

The long anticipated i930 will soon be dangling from many a belt across the country and around the world. While this clamshell Windows Mobile Smartphone has a few firsts and some highly desirable features, it also has some missing virtues, which are puzzling.

I like the fact that it has a SIM card for portability of accounts and an SD card slot for expanded storage capacity. It runs on Windows Mobile 2003 SE and a 180 MHz processor with 32 MB ROM and 32 MB RAM.


Mozongo Network For Sale

The Mozongo Network consisting of Mozongo.com (a Mobile Technology News and Reviews site) and Mozongoware.com (a Pocket PC Software News and Reviews site) are being put up for sale by their owner, Matt Kitchen. Although the sites are near and dear to his heart, he is constrained for time and any website creation time he might have he would rather dedicate for website ministry purposes. These are great, active websites that are ready to be run and perfect for anyone who wants to jump into having a voice in the mobile world.


Sprint's PPC-6700

With all the Windows Mobile 5 hype recently, it will be nice when consumers can actually acquire some WM 5 product. Meanwhile let me tell you about one that I recently received for review: Sprint’s PPC-6700. Its convergence seems to be reflected in its size, as it is smaller than a PPC and smaller than the earlier PPC Phone editions. Measuring approximately 4 ¼” x 2 ¼” x 7/8”, it has a 2 ¼” x 1 ¾” transflective TFT-LCD backlit, touch-sensitive screen with 240 x320 pixel resolution.


OQO UltraPersonal Computer

The makers of OQO Model 1 Ultra Personal Computer (UPC) advertise it as the only computer you will ever need. It is truly the smallest computer on the market, and it is as functional as a desktop or laptop because it runs on Windows XP Professional operating system, and it is as portable as a Pocket PC.

In the office it can be connected to an external monitor and keyboard and work as a desktop. In the field, it has a slide-out keyboard, or it can be connected to an external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It has InfraRed and Wi-Fi connectivity as well.


SPB Diary Update Released: Version 1.6

Nothing makes me happier than programs that do not need to be installed to main memory, and that’s what just happened to SPB Diary. You know SPB Softwarehouse really does listen to its customers and responds accordingly. I remember my first review of this software lamented its not being integrated into PocketPlus, and now it is.

The new version may be downloaded free for existing users, and the same password applies. But now you can install it to a storage card or to flash memory to save precious main memory real estate.


Skype Tip

Skype is a free program you can download from www.skype.com. It enables you to make free phone calls anywhere in the world over the Internet, computer to computer. I have enjoyed using Skype on my desktop, laptop, Tablet PC, and Pocket PC. I had a problem with it on my Pocket PC (Dell Axim X50v) and found a solution that I’d like to share.

The problem was that while the person I was talking to sounded as clear as if they were on the other side of my desk, they would complain of an echo and hearing their own voice.


Note These Input Solutions from PDAMill

I’m always on the lookout for new and efficient inputting methods for my pocket pal, and I’ve discovered a couple to share with you, both from PDAMill, which I usually think of as a provider of great games.

If you want to try a new Qwerty keyboard that is the most intuitive I’ve ever seen to save tapping time, give TopKey a turn.


New Sandisk MP3 Player

I never could understand why anyone would pay such an exorbitant price for a uni-functional iPod when they could have a multi-functional PDA for the same amount that does so much more. Well, here’s an MP3 alternative that is more cost-effective and has more functionality than an iPod for you to consider.

The new Sandisk Sansa e140 MP3 player has a street price of around $80, plays 480 songs or 32 hours of music or audiobooks with built-in memory and up to 2 GB or another 1000 tunes with an SD expansion card. It sure sounds great to my tinny ear with its SRS WOW feature.


Avantgo RSS-New!

I can remember when I first started using a PDA many moons ago how thrilled I was with Avantgo, which enabled me to download news and useful information directly to my handheld device. I could then access it whether or not I was online. I would amaze my friends and associates with information at my fingertips. But, as time went on, I abandoned Avantgo because I found other programs that I thought were more streamlined, took up less space, and were more customizable. My major complaint was that it did not accommodate RSS feeds, and the channel selection was too limited.


The Dynamic Duo: Battery Pack Pro and Journal Bar

In case you discovered, as I did, that BatteryPack Pro and Journal Bar conflicted with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Windows Mobile 2003 SE units such as the Dell Axim X50v, you will be glad to know that the updated versions both work fine with a Windows Mobile 5, and I welcome them back. I missed them, for it took a lot of substitute software to replace these two workhorses.

If you are not familiar with these multi-functional marvels of desktop conservation of motion applications, let me introduce them to you briefly.


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