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YouTube release their own YouTube client for Windows Mobile

There have been several YouTube players for Windows Mobile, two of them being, in my opinion, the best: the commercial, but highly recommended CorePlayer (which, with the recent, 1.3.0 upgrade, has fixed almost all the problems I’ve talked about in my dedicated all-in-one bible) and the free FlashVideoBundle.


MWC: iPhone, TV broadcasts, new multiplatform games etc.

1. a cleaned-up, much improved version of this report will be published in the forthcoming iPhone Life (papermag) issue.
As it'll be a joint effort on my and the mag's part (cleaning up the English, making the text as easy to digest as possible by adding additional references / explaining things etc.), I won't be able to post it online, unlike this (initial) version, which is (still) entirely my work. Sorry about this.


MWC: (Quick) review: Altec (Plantronics) 903 / 906 A2DP Bluetooth headphones – wowz, they rule! + Sennheiser

Altec Lansing, a branch of Plantronics, revealed their brand new A2DP Bluetooth headphones, the Backbeat 903 (without a Bluetooth transmitter dongle) and the 906 (with a dongle) in early January (see THIS for the report). The new model has just hit the shelves for $100 and $130, respectively. That is, they aren't particularly cheap - but, it seems, they are worth every penny.


MWC: Web Browser News (BOLT, Opera, Fennec, Iris, Skyfire, Flash)

Just like last year (see my previous year's article HERE), I have REALLY a lot to report on Web browsing, the just-announced stuff and so on.



MWC: Symbian report: Nokia N97, Samsung Omnia HD, Sony Idou etc.

Let’s take a look at how one of the competing operating systems, Symbian, fares. As you may recall, I use the Nokia N95 as my main phone because of the
• (comparatively) high-quality camera (no Windows Mobile or BlackBerry phones can match it, let alone the, in this respect, even worse iPhone 3G),
• call recording (no such thing on most WinMo phones and all BlackBerries/iPhone models),


Zeemote – right now, the best Bluetooth game controller – on WinMo / iPhone soon?

At MWC, I’ve played quite a bit with the Zeemote controller; the controller that, currently, is probably the best external game controller solution for gamers on both Symbian S60 and the Blackberry. If we’re lucky, we’ll see Windows Mobile support later this year – and, most importantly, iPhone support when Apple, at last, opens up their Bluetooth API.


MWC: i-mate news: 810-F (comparative shots), Project Centurion etc.

While the booth of i-mate was really-really big, they had little to show to the world, except for, of course, their new Windows Mobile smartphone, the ruggerized 810-F.


MWC: At last a (somewhat) gaming-friendly Windows Mobile phone!

I’ve long been mourning on the lack of a Windows Mobile phone with a decent D-pad for gaming and running emulators. Windows Mobile devices with a, for gaming, usable directional pad are far and between. (Actually, the last Windows Mobile device to have a decent gaming controller was the Asus A620 five and half a year ago…)


MWC: The Toshiba TG01 size compared to that of the iPhone 3G

After publishing my first report (don’t forget to check out my recently-posted high-res Prince of Persia videos either) on the Toshiba TG01, probably the most appealing and, because of the very powerful hardware, revolutionary phone announced recently, I’ve received several requests for size comparison.


The first REAL video ever published: MWC: Gameloft’s 3D accelerated Prince of Persia running on the 1GHz Toshiba TG01!


Yesterday I posted a quick video of Gameloft’s Prince of Persia, which is a 3D accelerated title making use of the 3D hardware acceleration of the forthcoming and really-really fast (1GHz Snapdragon) Toshiba TG01. Today, I made two additional videos – now with a tripod and at the resolution of 1024*768, meaning far better video quality and stabilized picture.


MWC: An Spb Shell 3.0 video

I’ve made a quick video of the SPB Shell 3.0 running, 3D hardware accelerated (!!), on the HTC Touch HD. It’s available HERE.

Also see my previous MWC 2009 quick reports:
Breaking news: the Toshiba TG01 with the 1 GHz CPU benchmarked in real-life situations (three videos)!


Breaking news: real-life, comparative HTC Diamond 2 shots!

While at Microsoft’s stand at MWC the just-announced Diamond 2 was behind glass and couldn’t be used, at HTC’s booth anyone could give them a test ride. In the following, I post my first thoughts of the device.


Breaking news: the Toshiba TG01 with the 1 GHz CPU benchmarked in real-life situations (three videos)!

If you know my H.264 bible (link to original HERE; note that it has the charts messed up. The latter, without problems, can be found HERE or in any other mirrors I've listed at the end of the original article; see the paragraph starting with "Cross-posted to"), you may be aware of that, so far, no Windows Mobile device was able to play back “high”- resolution H.264 videos.


Update to the H.264 bible; tips and tricks to desktop-based H.264 playback, video editing and stream capturing

Following is an update to my H.264 bible. Sorry for having to post it as a separate post; the original post has grown over the 64 kbyte limit and, consequently, I just couldn’t shoehorned the update to it. Hence the need to devote (more specifically, start) a new article to the question.

UPDATE (01/25/2009):


A review of Windows 7 & tips & never-before-published hacks

Why a Windows 7 article in a blog dedicated to mobile devices? you may ask. Because I also elaborate on strictly mobility-related questions as well - something you'll unlikely find in any other Windows 7 article. In addition, you'll find a lot of tips and hacks never before published - that is, this article is definitely worth getting as much exposure as possible.

I've been playing with the brand new Windows 7 beta (build 7000) since it's been made public. I've installed it on my three notebooks:


Just published: a browser roundup from the Microsoft folks

The MS folks have just published a review of Web browsers; see THIS.

(Incidentally, my most recent roundup has just been frontpaged by MSMobiles.)


Browser article heavily updated

 I've heavily updated my latest Web browser roundup & comparison (which, incidentally, has been frontpaged at WM Power User in the meantime) with, among other things, a straightforward Verdict section and a lot of more info. 


FULL ROUNDUP: Browsing the Web on Windows Mobile just like on iPhone, incl. IEM6 review

After purchasing an iPhone 3G, I immediately fell in love with Safari, its Web browser. Granted, it's somewhat less capable as the best, comparable Windows Mobile (WinMo for short) titles (no Flash, no page saving, no copy/paste, no Opera Link, no explicit text size settings, no caching etc.) and, from time to time, it crashes even with the last, 2.2 firmware version, but it's still much better usable and much faster than anything on Windows Mobile.


TUTORIAL: everything you need to know about Flash Lite 3 and playing back Flash web videos

Now that I, at last, have had some free time, I’ve very thoroughly tested the (by the XDA-Devs folks) recently released and freely deployable Flash Lite 3.1, which is quite much a step in the right direction.


Dell Axim x50(v), hx4700, hx2xxx users, attention: WM5+ automatic Filesys.exe patcher released!

I’ve published several articles on the Filesys.exe compaction problems. At first, I had the time to release (manually) custom-patched throttler apps for people requesting them in e-mails. (Sorry for all the folks that I simply didn’t have the time for. I’ve been very-very busy lately – not that I’d complain: given the current economic situation, it’s great to have any kind of a (decent) job.)

Some months ago, XDA-Devs forum member “cook” has written a quick patcher app that does this (semi-)automatically.


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