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Helo TC Review

I have rarely had so much fun and so much frustration at the same time. Flying the Helo TC is not the easiest task in the world. It takes a little skill and a learning curve. The controls are delicate and you need some space to maneuver until you get your skills down pat.

Helo TC is a twin rotor remote control helicopter that is superbly engineered. It lights up like Ferris wheel and is sturdy as a house despite its seemingly delicate appearance.


Stocking Stuffer: Verbatim Ultra-Slim Keyboard

The Verbatim Ultra-Slim keyboard really is slim. It measures just over 1/8" think by 8 3/4 x 4/3/4 and weighs about as much as a hummingbird beak. So, it's compact and easy to carry on the road, yet it's a full-size Qwerty board with lots of special key features. It makes the perfect stock stuffer for the dedicated road warrior or for at home/office use to increase productivity.


TV Everywhere

This is the story of eyetv hybrid TV Tuner Stick for HDTV and analog TVs. It's the all in one TV for PC or Mac. It transforms your computer into a virtual TV and recorder--watch, record, edit, and enjoy anywhere--live or recorded.

Record from the TV program guide, one show or a whole season. It comes with a one year complimentary subscription to TV Guide, which can be renewed for $19.95 a year thereafter.

Eyetv can automatically export your shows to iTunes so that you can watch them on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad whenever you wish.


Reviews of Sprint HTC Arrive; Windows Phone Software Roundup

Sprint’s HTC Arrive went on sale Sunday, and quite a few reviews have already appeared. In addition to pointing you to the reviews, this week we’ll note Wirefly’s $49.99 price for this device and touch on a range of useful apps for Windows Phone 7.


HD7 Wrap Up Review

IMG_0560Well, this is the wrap up post on my HTC HD7 review, and I'm kinda bummed to have to send this phone back, as I really like it (see unbox here, and follow-up post


First Impressions of Windows Phones; Microsoft on the Rebound

I’ve lost my earlier skepticism and think that Microsoft is going to be a big player in the smartphone industry. This week we’ll look again at several of the new phones coming, including T-Mobile's offerings, as well as some of the early impressions.


WikiReader a Perfect Gadget Gift!!

If you refer to or use Wikipedia as much as I do, then you have to get a WikiReader (created by Openmoko). Not directly smartphone-related, I know, but bloggers should really listen up. This is s great companion device, especially for those times when you just can't get to the network, and you need to brush up or verify some tech info.


More on Microsoft’s Kin Phones, Review of T-Mobile HD2

Microsoft stirred things up last week with its Kin phone, and some very helpful articles and video demos have appeared. Again, I’m impressed with the vision behind this product. Also, this week I’ll note a review of the T-Mobile HTC HD2, as well as of the HTC HD Mini. And I’ll point to an interesting article about the lack of multitasking in the forthcoming Windows Phone 7.


Microsoft Announces Two New Microsoft-Branded Phones

The big news is that at a press event yesterday Microsoft announced two new phones that will be out soon, confirming ongoing rumors — and marking Microsoft’s entry into the hardware market. This week I’ll give you some details of these two phones, plus point you to a giveaway.


Microsoft Updates “My Phone” Service; Windows Phone 7 and HD2 Videos

Microsoft’s My Phone is a great free service for backing up your phone, and now it’s just gotten better. This week I’ll also point you to more videos and news about Windows Phone 7 and T-Mobile’s HD2, as well as news about a couple new devices.


Windows Phone 7 Form Factor, HTC HD Mini

It seems odd to talk about a specific Windows Phone 7 Series form factor, since Windows Mobile devices have typically had a fair amount of variety. But apparently Microsoft will exert much tighter control of chassis design this next round. This week I’ll point you to some info regarding the chassis design as well as more discussion of this forthcoming Wndows Phone software. And I’ll note info on the newly announced HTC HD Mini.


Watching Movies on Your Phone, Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Arrives

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is now starting to arrive, with the release of two new phones. This week I want to point you to information about these new devices, but will first note some good how-to information about converting videos for your Windows Phone as well as watching Amazon Unbox movies on your device.


What is the Total Cost of Ownership for Some of the Most Popular Smartphones

 When Google's Nexus One launched a few weeks ago, BillShrink.com produced an infographic comparing the 'total cost of ownership' for a number of popular smartphones: Nexus One, iPhone, Droid and Palm Pre. 


HP Glisten Wrap-Up

 I have really enjoyed using the Glisten the past month as a carry-along phone. Actually it’s been a little longer, since I had to wait until after CES wrapped up to post this.


It’s Official — HD2 from T-Mobile; WM 7 Announcement Expected

This past week T-Mobile officially announced that it will be releasing the HTC HD2 in the spring. In this column we’ll also look ahead to the coming of Windows Mobile 7 — and the sad fact that it may be too late, given the Android surge. Plus, I’ll point you to an unboxing and hardware tour of the new Nexus One Android phone from Google.


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