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CoPilot GPS app now available for iOS and Android--FREE!

I remember when I got my first Android phone I was thrilled with the navigation capabilities of Google Maps, which guided me on a 400 mile trip to Seattle. I wasn't so thrilled when I found out what it cost me in usage charges from my service provider. And that was the last time I used Google Maps for navigation. I wasn't too happy about AT&T's navigation for pay either.

At that time ALK Technologies, the developer for CoPilot Live had not entered the iPhone or Android market yet.


Singing the Praises of RoboForm

If ever there were a piece of software that I could never do without it's RoboForm. I've been using RoboForm now for at least five years, and I cannot even imagine life without it. RoboForm is a secure login data manager. It will save you untold hours of time each month and make your online experience a pleasure with one click logons.

Not only does it automatically log you on to your accounts, it will also complete forms for you with whatever information you ask it to store such as contact information, social security, bank account information and whatever else you make available to it.


Web Browsing News & Reviews & Tips and Tricks (01/Mar/2010)

While there are very-very few new releases for Windows Mobile (almost all of the games and a lot of app/utility developers seem to have jumped ship and went straight for the iPhone), Web browsers seem to continuously receive love from app developers. At MWC (where I was also present), there have been even two major, new releases (the new Opera Mobile and BOLT).


More on Windows Phone 7, T-Mobile HD2

Lots of detail came out last week about Windows Phone 7, so I thought I’d pass some of that along, including links to videos. Plus, there’s a new version of Windows Marketplace for Mobile. And this week I wanted to note the latest on the T-Mobile HD2, the highly anticipated device with a 4.3-inch screen.


Great Playstation emulator FpseCE 0.10, finally, released! + video

We emulator freaks have been waiting for version FpseCE 0.10 for at least two and a half years. Back in May-June 2007 when I published my (almost) all-in-one article series on emulating other computing platforms (see THIS) on Windows Mobile, everyone was already waiting for FpseCE 0.10. This is why, back in 2007, I chose not to publish a PS Emulation Bible back in 2007, by the way – I didn’t want to end up having to (completely) rewrite it after the imminent release of the brand new version.


Multiplatform(!) review: Opera Mobile 10 beta released!

I’ve thoroughly tested the brand new Opera Mobile 10 beta on all the supported mobile phone platforms (Windows Mobile Professional / Standard and Symbian S60). In general, apart from some problems, I liked what I saw – particularly on Symbian and the touchscreen version of Windows Mobile.

The browser is available for download HERE for both operating systems. For Windows Mobile, a unified download (for both subtypes) is provided.

1. Windows Mobile


Thanks, Microsoft!

 enWin7 This is a bit off topic, so bear with me. I upgraded my Windows Vista laptop to Windows 7 a couple of weeks ago. This is an important machine to me. I do most of my blogging, and reviewing on it. It’s a dual-boot (using WUBI), which loads through the Windows boot manager, and I was worried about screwing up my boot sequence and losing my Ubuntu configuration along with hosing Vista.


REVIEW: New Windows Mobile Web browser "Dorothy"

A new Web browser, Dorothy, has been announced slightly more than two months ago.

I’ve waited until now so that I can give the developers some time to enhance it so that I can recommend it. Unfortunately, the (today) current version, 0.2.2, still only has files dating back to August. (Compare this to the frequency (in general, at least one per month) of updates arriving to the now-extinct Iris, which was also based on WebKit.)


Web browser BOLT 1.5 out; comparison published

The new, 1.5 version of Java-based Web browser BOLT has just been released.

Opera Mini forum user / Serola has published an extensive, great comparison between it, Opera Mini 4.2 and UCWEB 6.3 HERE.


Web browsing news: Opera Mini 5b; no Iris browser any more; Fennec 1.0b3

1. The first beta of Opera Mini 5, with a completely redesigned interface on both touchscreen and non-touchscreen phones has been released.


Quick Web browser test & comparison: latest Iris and Opera Mobile versions

I’ve quickly tested the latest, current Iris and Opera Mobile versions, 1.1.9 and 9.7b1, respectively. (The former is available HERE, the latter HERE) I’ve done so on both VGA (the IPAQ 210 and the HTC Universal) and QVGA (the HTC Wizard) devices.


New, free(!) cellular-to-Wi-Fi Internet sharing app released

If you know my Multiplatform Bible of using your handset as a modem, you may already know ICSControl, WalkingHotSpot and WMWifiRouter, the (so far) three applications that make a Wi-Fi access point out of your Windows Mobile phone.


Office Mobile 2010; Recent Freeware

Microsoft posted a video yesterday that begins to introduce the features of the forthcoming Office Mobile 2010 software. In addition to pointing you to that, I want to highlight some recent freeware, including Skype 3.0 gold, Searchme, Auto Call Recorder, and Screen Capture.


Numpty Physics released for Windows Mobile!

Touch Physics has become an instant success on the iPhone. I’ve also purchased it for my phone and spent a lot of time with it.

A Windows Mobile game based on the same ideas has just been released. It requires you to draw objects that, after falling down, trush a ball towards its destination. It’s a free title (as opposed to the iPhone one, which costs $3).

Availability, compatibility


Wizcode Contest Winners!

 Congrats to the winners of the Wizcode software giveaway, as the contest ended last night! Thanks especially to Anton Tomov and his team for sponsoring our little blog event. If your name appears after the break, you are a winner, which essentially everyone was. Details are also provided on claiming your prize, so click on the read more link below.


Opera Mobile Browser, Reviews of Touch Pro2, New Devices

Opera Mobile 9.7 is now available as a free Beta, and this might be a good time for you to try this browser, if you haven’t already. Also this week I’ll briefly point you to more reviews of the Touch Pro2, as well as note news and reviews of new devices, including the impressive Acer F1.


Major guide updates: Opera Mini text copy; modem & Internet sharing and Windows 7

I've just finished updating three major articles / bibles with the most recent changes, tips, tricks and app versions:

A review of Windows 7 & tips & never-before-published hacks - added extensive coverage of the current, RC1 version of Windows 7. It runs much better on the HP TC1100 Tablet PC than the first beta and is highly recommended.


New wmDA version out – now, with built-in full YouTube Flash download capabilities

I’ve frequently posted reviews (last one HERE; if it doesn’t work, try THIS instead) of the ever-evolving of WinMobile Download Accelerator (wmDA) by Adisasta, an application greatly helping in downloading files off the Web.


REVIEW: a brand new call recorder application, FoneWatch

I’ve reviewed several phone recorder applications (please see the links in the last LivePVR article for more information).

A company pretty new to Windows Mobile development, MobileTimes, has just released a new call recorder application, “FoneWatch”. It’s available HERE for $10. (There’s a demo with restricted playback capabilities.)


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