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It was the best of reads; it was the worst of reads

I haven't had such a horrible reading experience since I think about 1998 or 1999. I had forgotten that it was like trying to wrestle an octopus in the dark. It's better when you have light, lots of light. The worst part is not so much trying to see the blurry, small print on cheap paper as it is trying to keep the page from curving and the whole thing closing and slipping out of your hands--hands because the unpleasant process takes two hands to make it viable. And your arms get tired and maybe cold if you don't have the heat turned up sufficiently.


Migrating data from Nokia phones to Android; other Android and OS X (Windows virtualization) tips

Today, I've played a bit with Nokia feature phone -> Android migration, file system access and Skype. I elaborate on them, should you face the same problem

Let's start with the second: file system and the phone with probably the best price/value ratio, the ZTE Blade. To make it visible for XP, you'll want to download the file system drivers from HERE.


Synchronizing PIM data on Android

This won't be strictly a programming-related post, but as you may find this information useful, particularly if you want to quickly get your new Android phone synchronized without reading through tons of (largely outdated) articles and spending hours reading forums for user opinions, I still post it.

Unfortunately, synchronizing PIM (Personal information management) data (calendars and contacts; let alone tasks!) with Android phones is in no way as seamless as is with, say, Palm OS, Windows Mobile or even the iPhone.


My small gift to all of you WM2003(SE) users: great Web browser Opera Mini 5!

During the testing of the native Windows Mobile version of the current Opera Mini 5 beta (see THIS for more info), I've routinely tested it on my old, WM2003-only iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC.


Web Browsing News & Reviews & Tips and Tricks (01/Mar/2010)

While there are very-very few new releases for Windows Mobile (almost all of the games and a lot of app/utility developers seem to have jumped ship and went straight for the iPhone), Web browsers seem to continuously receive love from app developers. At MWC (where I was also present), there have been even two major, new releases (the new Opera Mobile and BOLT).


Great Playstation emulator FpseCE 0.10, finally, released! + video

We emulator freaks have been waiting for version FpseCE 0.10 for at least two and a half years. Back in May-June 2007 when I published my (almost) all-in-one article series on emulating other computing platforms (see THIS) on Windows Mobile, everyone was already waiting for FpseCE 0.10. This is why, back in 2007, I chose not to publish a PS Emulation Bible back in 2007, by the way – I didn’t want to end up having to (completely) rewrite it after the imminent release of the brand new version.


Multiplatform(!) review: Opera Mobile 10 beta released!

I’ve thoroughly tested the brand new Opera Mobile 10 beta on all the supported mobile phone platforms (Windows Mobile Professional / Standard and Symbian S60). In general, apart from some problems, I liked what I saw – particularly on Symbian and the touchscreen version of Windows Mobile.

The browser is available for download HERE for both operating systems. For Windows Mobile, a unified download (for both subtypes) is provided.

1. Windows Mobile


Thanks, Microsoft!

 enWin7 This is a bit off topic, so bear with me. I upgraded my Windows Vista laptop to Windows 7 a couple of weeks ago. This is an important machine to me. I do most of my blogging, and reviewing on it. It’s a dual-boot (using WUBI), which loads through the Windows boot manager, and I was worried about screwing up my boot sequence and losing my Ubuntu configuration along with hosing Vista.


New, free(!) cellular-to-Wi-Fi Internet sharing app released

If you know my Multiplatform Bible of using your handset as a modem, you may already know ICSControl, WalkingHotSpot and WMWifiRouter, the (so far) three applications that make a Wi-Fi access point out of your Windows Mobile phone.


iPAQ Linux and alternate OS guide

Browser Home I have several older iPAQ models just laying around, so why not have some fun with them, right? In this edition of the iPAQ tribute, we are going to talk about some pretty cool ways you can use them to run other operating systems.


Another revolutionary multiplatform utility by me: add "find in page" support to most mobile web browsers!!!

I’ve long been complaining about the lack of any “find in page” functionality in most mobile Web browsers. Now that I’ve played a bit with JavaScript scriptlets, I can proudly present a working solution to this problem.

All you need to do is, independent of the Web browser you use, add the following favorite:


Major guide updates: Opera Mini text copy; modem & Internet sharing and Windows 7

I've just finished updating three major articles / bibles with the most recent changes, tips, tricks and app versions:

A review of Windows 7 & tips & never-before-published hacks - added extensive coverage of the current, RC1 version of Windows 7. It runs much better on the HP TC1100 Tablet PC than the first beta and is highly recommended.


Another major breakthrough from me: I've enabled copying from Opera Mini on ALL mobile platforms!!

As has been pointed out in all of my articles dedicated to the excellent, lightweight browser Opera Mini, in addition to the lack of italic characters, probably the biggest problem with it has always been the lack of support for copying text from a Web page.


New wmDA version out – now, with built-in full YouTube Flash download capabilities

I’ve frequently posted reviews (last one HERE; if it doesn’t work, try THIS instead) of the ever-evolving of WinMobile Download Accelerator (wmDA) by Adisasta, an application greatly helping in downloading files off the Web.


REVIEW: a brand new call recorder application, FoneWatch

I’ve reviewed several phone recorder applications (please see the links in the last LivePVR article for more information).

A company pretty new to Windows Mobile development, MobileTimes, has just released a new call recorder application, “FoneWatch”. It’s available HERE for $10. (There’s a demo with restricted playback capabilities.)


Review, benchmark & comparison: remote controller / presentation suite REDFLY Mobile Viewer

It was just a few days ago that Celio Corp, manufacturer of the two (C8N and C7) REDFLY Mobile Companions, have released their own REDFLY Mobile Viewer application, which runs on traditional PC’s (as opposed to the netbook-alike Mobile Companions). (There is a comparison of these three products HERE.)


Major Java MIDlet manager update: now, parallel execution possible under Jbed etc.

Esmertec, developers of the Jbed MIDlet manager, are constantly releasing newer versions of their environment in various Windows Mobile models. These new managers are, then, quickly get mirrored as self-standing, standalone, downloadable and installable installers over the Internet (and, most importantly, XDA-Developers).


Yet another review & comparison update: Web browser Teashark

As with UCWEB (see my new review HERE), it was more than one and a half year ago that I’ve reviewed the (then) current version of the Java-based Web browser, Teashark. In order to be as up to date as possible, I deemed it necessary to properly test the current version in order to see whether it’s any good and how it compares to the alternative browsers.


REVIEW & COMPARISON: Another Web browser, UCWEB: is it any good?

It was over one and a half year ago that I reviewed the Windows Mobile version of UCWEB, the (then) new, Chinese, multiplatform Web browser.


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