3 Top Mobile Games (June 2008)

June Blog Topic Summary

Well, this month's topic is a little easier to summarize, because our new blog content management system allows a method for creating/linking new categories. Click here to go to only the posts for this month's round-up about our favorite games. The experts that participated (and their picks) are briefly listed below. I trust the winners have received their licenses, etc., and if not, please feel free to comment here, and I'll make sure you get them.


My Personal Top 3 Game Picks

I have never really considered myself a hardcore gamer, but I have to admit that I really enjoy the few games that I do have on my Smartphone right now. They are probably not the newest, shiniest or most intense games on the market, but they sure seem to entertain me well. Since we were asked to review our top three picks this month, I decided to share my own personal preferred "oldies but goodies."

Skyforce and Skyforce Reloaded


June Winners!

Congratulations to our winners (see below) for the monthly expert round-up and blog contest. I'll send out vendor-specific information for your Classic Collection and Orions titles. Please let me know if you have a preference by commenting here. Astraware/MoreGames will be contacting you in a few days with more information. Thanks to all of our experts, and especially to our readers. Please come back next month for another great round-up! June Winners:



June Blog Contest Almost Over--Register and Comment Now to Win!

Sponsored by Astraware, and MoreGames!

It's almost over folks, so if you haven't registered on the blog (and commented on one of the "3 top games" posts from this week), you only have until Midnight tomorrow night to do so (June 6, 2008). We're giving away several titles like Astraware's Classic Collection, and Orions: Legend of Wizards from MoreGames!



My Favorite Games

I fondly remember getting our first video game system as a kid - Pong.  Several years later we got the oh-so-cool Atari 2600 - I was hooked.  I was lucky enough to grow up during the birth of video games.  I spent many a hard earned quarter on Missle CommandSpace Invaders,


My Current Top 3 Favorite Windows Mobile Games

I have been a portable electronic gamer since the Mattel LED handheld system era, though the last handheld dedicated gaming device I owned was an Atari Lynx, having less interest to play on a tiny screen with the advent of rapidly evolving PC gaming titles.  However, that focus changed with the advent of the Windows Mobile platform, especially as I used the PC more for programming and network administration and less for pixel blasting.  This especially became a reality once Microsoft provided API's specifically designed for improving the Windows Mobile gaming experience. 


My 3 most played games

The games I end up playing the most are somewhat addictive. In addition, I find they have the following characteristics. I can:


June Monthly Blog Topic and Contest Update--Prizes from Astraware and MoreGames!

I am happy to announce that MoreGames Entertainment has also agreed to sponsor our monthly giveaway and we will be providing copies of the awesome Orions game to bloggers and commenters alike--thanks to Werner who hooked me up with Pavel at PMG! That is in addition to the Astraware prizes, so listen up! We may have had a few glitches with the new blog affecting comments and posts (a change in policy or something), so I wanted to provide an alternate method for folks to enter by directly contacting me at my e-mail provided below.


June Expert Round-Up: The 3 Best Windows Mobile Games!!

Let the games begin! Or at least the monthly blog topic for June (and our giveaway of Astraware's Classic Collection)...This month: our picks for the 3 best WM games...


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