Spring Cleaning (May 2008)

Spring Cleaning for the Windows Mobile User

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was unable to post any new blogs in May and June. I really missed out on some great topics, so I thought I might play as though I am being fashionably late and contribute anyway. Better late than never.

Although I try to keep my Pocket PCs or Smartphones “clean,” I sometimes find that I let old files and system junk build up. In the business world they say that around 85% of all paperwork is not needed. The same is true with our computer storage. Most of us tend to keep many files that no longer serve any purpose.


May Expert Round-up and Blog Contest Winners!!!

Sponsered by Spb Software House We had some great tips on cleaning up your Windows Mobile device, so check out the links below if you haven't yet. Wilfred was our winner of Spb Mobile Shell, and Ste11a won the copy of Pocket Plus. Mike's Tip: Use iLauncher to keep an eye on memory resources.


Spring clean shortcuts and icons in Windows Mobile!

If you have owned a WM device for any length of time, you know that after loading several third-party applications, the main Programs screen gets pretty crowded with shortcuts that require you to scroll through. Pretty much every installer will add a shortcut here. One way to help lessen the clutter is to create the equivalent of “Program Group” folders to organize all the shortcuts, not so much different than on your desktop PC. It’s actually rather simple to do, and in my tip for this month’s round-up, I’ll also include a bonus of how to tweak the folder icons (or any of your shortcut icons really). Several programs that include a lot of separate shortcuts (like Spb Mobile Shell) do this already, and of course there is a “games” group in WM already. Read on to learn how to de-clutter and spruce up your programs menu...


Keeping my Windows Mobile phone / PDA clean

Because of my job at the magazine, I am constantly switching phones and PDA's. It's fun to try new devices, but often the manufacturer or phone company wants it back. Therefore, I have developed a strategy for quickly loading up a new phone or PDA with my favorite stuff.

Actually, this has proven a great strategy for keeping a device clean. The best way to clean a device and fix problems is to do a hard reset, and then reload.

Initial Setup


Spring Cleaning

Unavoidably, Windows Mobile devices can get bogged down with open programs running in the background, installation files, duplicate contacts, Internet history, invalid registry entries, broken links, temporary and cache files, duplicate files, old email and attachments. These things and more can begin to pile up and affect the performance of your machine.

First things first: scrub the system


Spring Cleaning My Windows Mobile Devices

As readers of my blog know, I have been a Windows Mobile user since the early days of Windows CE 1.0. As a result of that long history, I maintained a nervous habit on the platform until the release of Windows Mobile 5, that being playing whack-a-mole with my running applications. Due to an early Microsoft design decision, most Windows Mobile applications do not inherently have an exit application function.


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