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Migrating data from Nokia phones to Android; other Android and OS X (Windows virtualization) tips

Today, I've played a bit with Nokia feature phone -> Android migration, file system access and Skype. I elaborate on them, should you face the same problem

Let's start with the second: file system and the phone with probably the best price/value ratio, the ZTE Blade. To make it visible for XP, you'll want to download the file system drivers from HERE.


Spb Releases Time app for Symbian!

Pretting good timing this, since you may have forgotten it's time to spring forward--which translates to being more tired than usual for the next few days.


Firefox Home Coming to Symbian and BlackBerry


Looks like the very useful Firefox Home--web service that syncs your ffox browser bookmarks, tabs and more to iPhone--is coming soon to Symbian and BlackBerry devices. Stay tuned to the home web site here for more information, or the recent home blog post here....


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