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iTablet Thumb Keyboard

If you ever wanted an external keyboard for your phone or tablet, the iTablet thumb keyboard is a great option. This classy thumboard will connect with any Bluetooth HID device including:

• iPad
• iPhone
• PS3
• Xbox 360
• Windows 7 & XP
• Android
• Linux
• Interactive TV (IPTV)

The iTablet is Bluetooth 2.0 and HID 1.0 profile compliant. It features backlit keys with an on/off switch to save battery. It charges with an included mini USB cable.

The Function, Alt, Ctrl, Shift work exactly like those on a regular keyboard.


Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Whether you are a mobile road warrior or you just like to keep your charging cables organized, this portable charging station is a must have.
The charger delivers from an AC outlet and comes with a converter that plugs into the charging hub, which is a separate unit. It will also plug into a USB port for charging your devices.

There are four USB ports. Three of them are for charging only, and the fourth, if plugged into a computer will sync whatever device is connected that particular port.

It all comes attractively packaged in a sturdy, but attractive black canvas zipper case.


Desk Pets

Are you getting tired of playing Solitaire when you want to take a little break? I've got just the thing for you--DeskPets. They are a veritable hoot.

At present there are two species: the Skitterbot and the Trekbot. The Skitterbot is an arachnoid-like robot that skitters around on six legs. It looks something like a tarantula, but unlike true arachnids that have eight legs, Skitterbots only have six legs. The Trekbot kind of reminds me of a robotic racing wheel chair without a passenger.

Both species come in four flavors. The Skitterbot comes in maroon, blue, clear, and green.


The Mamba Shift Laptop/Tablet Toter by Boog

Not only will this spectacularly sleek and stylish backpack accommodate your laptop and or tablet, but there is also plenty of room for lots of peripherals, your lunch, and whatever else you may need while trying to keep connected when out and about.

The Mamba Shift Laptop Backpack by Boog has to be one of the finest pieces of backpack craftsmanship and design I've ever seen.


Seidio has accessory products for almost any device!

New products for HTC ThunderBolt just released! If you take care of your mobile investments as much as I do, then you know you have to have a good accesory vendor in the back pocket. Seidio has just about every popular device out there covered. Check out the site here, or read on for more press info...


Android is Alive on Axim!

This post is twofold. One to inform our bloggers that are still carrying the Smartphonemag torch here that we now have a new blog category pulldown that allows you to tag posts by operating system type (This post being obviously about getting Android to run on my Dell Axim x51)...and secondly a bit of a teaser about getting Android running on an Axim...haha (it's a very early debug build, so don't get any hopes up yet).


WikiReader a Perfect Gadget Gift!!

If you refer to or use Wikipedia as much as I do, then you have to get a WikiReader (created by Openmoko). Not directly smartphone-related, I know, but bloggers should really listen up. This is s great companion device, especially for those times when you just can't get to the network, and you need to brush up or verify some tech info.


Color code your cables when traveling

If you do a lot of traveling and carry a ton of electronic equipment such as a Windows Mobile device, an MP3 player, a laptop, international power converters, DC adaptors for the plane, etc., each of these gadgets unfortunately comes with a number of power and sync cables.
One way to organize the clutter is to use Velcro color-coded cable ties. Each device that you carry can then get its own color tie.

MAC address of your Wi-Fi unit/card

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to obtain the MAC address of your Wi-Fi unit/card using both built-in and third-party applications. Click here for the article.

Installing the same application on several storage cards

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how you can rerun the installer on each storage card or use a card reader. Click here for the article.

AM/FM CF/SD radio cards

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s post and subsequent discussion regarding radio cards for Pocket PCs here.

Displaying a Pocket PC on a projector

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses the different methods of displaying the screen of a Pocket PC through a projector, including the use of an external CF/SD VGA output card. Click here for the article.

Find compatible hardware accessories and device drivers for clamshell Handheld PCs like the NEC MobilePro and HP Jornada

Finding compatible peripheral hardware accessories for your Handheld PC or PDA can be difficult. Created by the user community, the HPC:Factor Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) provides an easy to search database of compatible hardware accessories for Windows CE 1.0 through 6.0 and includes driver downloads, tips, and Web links to help you get up and running (

Use an ergonomic stylus

It's no secret that we lose a lot of ergonomic benefits by using a handheld device. The tiny device designs and smaller keyboards don't promote good ergonomic techniques. However, there is one way that you can promote better use: with a third-party stylus. Best of all, you can carry a better stylus around with you without any extra effort!
A third-party stylus promotes better ergonomics by eliminating the need to try to write with a tight, pinched grip.

Use a dashboard or windshield mount in vehicles

If you use your Windows Mobile device in the car to listen to music or to navigate via GPS, get a dashboard or windshield mount and keep the Pocket PC or Smartphone in the mount while you're driving. It will be easier to see and you won't have to fumble around to find it. Some device manufacturers offer these as optional accessories. If yours doesn't, they are available from third-party vendors.

Protect your device: Get a case

Although designed for the rigors of every-day use, Windows Mobile devices are electronic gadgets with breakable displays. Some attention needs to be paid toward protecting them from damage, and the best way to do that is by carrying the device in a case. Most ship with a leather or vinyl slip-cover.

Hard objects scratch the screen

Don’t carry your Windows Mobile device in a pocket, briefcase, or handbag along with hard objects that can scratch the screen. If you carry your device in a coat pocket, keep change and keys in one pocket and the device in the other, and keep the screen facing your body.

Use a screen protector to prevent wear and tear

The display on a Windows Mobile touch screen device is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. However, continued tapping on the screen can, over time, leave small scratches, which decrease the value of the device and make it less enjoyable to use. A relatively inexpensive way to avoid scratches is to apply screen protectors (a.k.a., “screen overlays”) to the display.

Make text entry easier: Get an external keyboard or a device with a QWERTY keyboard

The soft keyboard and other input panels found on touch screen devices can be a pain to work with, and it can take an inordinate amount of time to enter text. Additionally, the “T9” text entry method built into some non-touchscreen smartphones requires multiple presses of numbers to enter text. Fortunately, most of the newer phone-enabled devices come with QWERTY thumb keyboards, which make it easier to enter text.

Get a spare or optional extended battery

If you often find your battery level too low or notice that you're constantly recharging your device, you may want to consider purchasing an extended battery. These batteries are custom made for each Pocket PC or smartphone series and fit onto the back of your device.
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