Anything covering hardware peripherals such as cases, headphones, etc.

Spare power adapters for home, work, and travel

In order to enhance your Windows Mobile experience and add convenience, it is a good idea to have spare power adapters for your device. For instance, if you use your device for both work and personal use, it's more convenient to have adapters at work and at home, than to carry one back and forth.

Connect Pocket PC to cell phone via cable

If you want to go on the Internet using your Pocket PC, you can by using the data capabilities of your existing cell phone and cell network. You will need to connect your Pocket PC to your cell phone via a cable. Gomatic ( offers cables for a wide variety of Pocket PCs and cell phones.

GPS receivers and other accessories cause extra drain on your device’s battery: get a car charger and a spare battery

GPS receivers require power to operate. If you have one built into your device, or if you add one using a cabled or CF/SD card interface, the receiver draws the needed power from your device. Bluetooth GPS receivers have their own rechargeable batteries, but to communicate with them your device must also have Bluetooth capability, and it must be turned on.

Replacing a damaged screen

Even of you carry your device in a carrying case, it's possible to drop it while you're using it and damage the screen. If you do this while your device is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or wireless carrier that sold it to you.

External keyboard makes text entry easier

Many of the older touch screen Pocket PCs are pen-entry devices without physical keyboards. However, the majority of Windows Mobile touch screen devices released today have integrated phones and QWERTY thumb keyboards for text entry. Unfortunately, these keyboards are small and not well suited for extended text entry. The easiest way to enter Contacts, Calendar appointments, text, etc., is to do it on your PC and sync it with your Windows Mobile device.

Finding the hardware accessories you need

The first place to look for hardware accessories is the Web site of the manufacturer of your Windows Mobile device or the wireless carrier that sold you the device.

Headset improves the quality of Skype calls

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology involves software and hardware that allows you to place and receive phone calls over a computer connected to the Internet.

Buy accessories online and save money

As soon as you buy your new Windows Mobile device, you’ll be tempted to accessorize it. The best place to start looking for accessories is your device manufacturer’s Web site. The site will usually point you to add-ons that specifically connect to your handheld, and sometimes they’re actually built, tested, and certified by the hardware manufacturer to work flawlessly.
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