Device-Specific Information

Any tip/how-to that is just about a specific device, such as the Dell Axim x51v, and does not apply to other devices.

Archos 80 G9 Tablet Review

My relationship with the Archos 80 series has been of growing interest with a few disappointments. Overall, I would say that it is a nice tablet worthy of your consideration depending on your needs.

I have to say I was not too impressed with the first Archos 80 I tried. The first problem with the 3.5 mm charger port, which only worked on occasion. I never could get the USB port to work, and it lacked an SD expansion slot.

As if by magic, somehow the developers received my concerns and addressed the issues in the next release.


Blackberry's most popular free news apps

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Keeping up to date with news, sports and finance has never been easier. With your Blackberry in hand and the right applications, you can access the news that you need, when you need it. Apps can make it easier for you to get updates on the aspects of the news you’re most interested in – from local news to politics, the latest sports results to weather reports. Here’s our pick of the most popular news apps that won’t cost you a penny.

Smartphones to avoid

Jamie Lendino at provides advice on five smartphones to avoid while device hunting. Click here for the article.

Download GPS config for BlackJack II, Q 9h, Q 9c, and others

There is a "must-have" GPS utility that can assign it to COM4 for some non-touch screen smartphones. Click here to read about it and download it.
For a hack to improve GPS signal acquisition on the Sprint Q 9c, click here.

Cingular 3125 tips

Here are some key shortcuts and tips for Cingular 3125 users:

Motorola Q tips

Here are some keyboard shortcuts and tips for Motorola Q users.

Problem accessing storage cards on iPAQ 2210

When the battery level is under 10%, the device automatically disables the SD/CF cards (one of the very few models that does this). Recharge the battery and try again.

Palm Treo 700w/wx and 750 tips & tricks

  • Minimize the currently open application and return to the Today screen by holding down the green Call button.
  • Open the Task Manager to close any open application by holding down the OK button (or pressing the Option + OK).
  • Open the Search window by pressing Option + Left Shift button.
  • Open Calendar by pressing Option + Start menu button.
  • To open a program-specific menu in any program, press and ho

T-Mobile Dash tips & tricks

  • Toggle Wi-Fi on and off: If you are in a public Wi-Fi hotspot, simply select Wi-Fi >Wi-Fi on the Dash’s Home screen to turn the radio on. When you leave, select it again to turn Wi-Fi off.
  • Quickly access push e-mail: The Dash features push e-mail capability, which can be used if you have an Exchange Server set up. Push e-mail allows mail to be sent directly to your device so you won’t have to repeatedly check for new messages, which adds convenience and saves battery life.

Samsung BlackJack tips & tricks

  • To save battery life by up to 40%, you can switch from 3G to GPRS/EDGE service. First, dial *#1546792*#. In the following menu, choose “Network & Call Settings.” then “Network Mode.” Now, highlight “GSM” and then select “Done.” You can also change the settings so that the phone will always check for the GSM service before switching to 3G if GSM is not available.

Are there “consumer” and “corporate” PDA series?

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s discussion on the perceived differences of different Pocket PC brands here.

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