Tips/how-to’s on getting connected to the Internet that does not involve wireless connections; includes third-party browsers.

USA Today Launches Android app with a Xoom!

USA Today released a reader app yesterday for Android (also available for other iPhone, Google TV/Chrome OS, and Windows Slate PCs). If you're an Android user, and look forward to USA Today updates on your phone, you probably want to grab this app. Go here to the Android Market to check it out, or read on for full press details...



Using your handset as a modem

Werner Ruotsalainen describes in detail how you can use your smartphone as a modem for a computer. Click here for the article.

Optimizing your Yahoo mail account

Read Werner Ruotsalainen discuss how to optimize a Yahoo mail account for Pocket PCs with the use of POP3, HTTP, or WAP accounts here.

Hide those annoying Wi-Fi/modem connection “bubbles”

Werner Ruotsalainen explains how to turn these off in the Settings >Sounds & Notifications menu. Click here for the article.

Sharing an Internet connection through Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Werner Ruotsalainen discusses how to use your device as an Internet access point through Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Click here for the article.

Protect yourself from text spammers

To avoid receiving text message spam, call 888-382-1222 to register with the National Do Not Call List, which will block your number for five years. You must call from the number you wish to block. Or, you can register at

E-mail Word docs or other files from your desktop PC to your mobile device

Why do this? You might be having problems with ActiveSync/Mobile Device Center, or you might be in a hurry and want to avoid the bother of connecting your device to your PC, opening Explorer, and copying and pasting files. Whatever the reason, it’s quick and easy to open your PC’s e-mail program, attach a file to an e-mail, and send it to yourself. If you have a phone-enabled device, you can access your e-mail from your carrier’s network. Another option is to send the e-mail to your Hotmail or Gmail account.

Stop the Internet disconnect when it’s not actively in use

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s recommendation on how to disallow the automatic Internet disconnect using the third-party program vxUtil. Click here for the article.

How to stop your device from trying to connect to the Web

Check your Today plug-ins and your POP3 Inbox accounts. Read the complete Werner Ruotsalainen how-to.

Click here for the article.

Use your smartphone as a modem and connect your laptop to the Internet

You can use your phone-enabled Windows Mobile device to check your e-mail and browse the Web, but doing so on a small screen can be hard on the eyes. Fortunately, it may be possible to connect your laptop PC to the device (via cable or Bluetooth) and use the smartphone as a modem, which would allow you to browse the Web from your laptop.
Unfortunately, most wireless carriers don’t encourage this type of usage.

Connecting to the Internet on the go

Most recently-released Pocket PCs and Smartphones have the wireless capabilities you need to stay connected wherever you are. For example, most Pocket PCs and a few Smartphones have integrated Wi-Fi capabilities. And since Wi-Fi hotspots are becoming widely available in coffee shops, university campuses, municipal building, and malls, users of these devices will be able to browse the Web, via high-speed connections, wherever they can find a hotspot. To avoid disappointment, check out a few things before you leave on your next trip:

How to sync directly to an Exchange Server

Set up your device to synchronize directly to an Exchange Server by going to Start >Programs >ActiveSync >Menu >Configure Server. Then input the information provided by your system administrator or service provider.

Connect Pocket PC to cell phone via cable

If you want to go on the Internet using your Pocket PC, you can by using the data capabilities of your existing cell phone and cell network. You will need to connect your Pocket PC to your cell phone via a cable. Gomatic ( offers cables for a wide variety of Pocket PCs and cell phones.

How to set up e-mail through an Internet e-mail server

To send and receive e-mail through an Internet server, you must have an account with an Internet e-mail server and set it up in Messaging under Menu >Tools >New Account. (WM 6: Select the New E-mail Account button under “Select an Account.”) To connect an Internet e-mail server account, you must provide Messaging with information about those servers, such as account type, host or server name, domain name, and other information. You can get this information from your Internet service provider.

How to use a phone-enabled device as an Internet proxy

You can use some Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PC Phone Edition devices and (in theory) Smartphones as a wireless Internet proxy to connect a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or other PC to the Internet via a dial-up connection.
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