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Archos 32 Internet Tablet


I must say that I was surprised when I received this "tablet" for review. Somehow I was expecting a 7 to 10 inch screen, but instead, this unit is about the size of an iPod touch. In fact, that's the best way to describe it. It's an Android iPod touch. It's a bit thicker than an iPod with a smaller touch screen at 3.2 inches with a 400 x 240 resolution and 18 bit color depth.


Use your device as a flashlight

In a pinch, the LED backlight in the screens of Windows Mobile devices (and other mobile phones) can be used as a light in dark environments (such as lighting a darkened hallway, going up or down unfamiliar steps, or using it as a reading lamp if someone else is asleep in the same room). Here are some points to keep in mind:

Color code your cables when traveling

If you do a lot of traveling and carry a ton of electronic equipment such as a Windows Mobile device, an MP3 player, a laptop, international power converters, DC adaptors for the plane, etc., each of these gadgets unfortunately comes with a number of power and sync cables.
One way to organize the clutter is to use Velcro color-coded cable ties. Each device that you carry can then get its own color tie.

Know the Start menu structure

In order to take full advantage of the Start menu on touch screen devices, it can be helpful to know how it is structured and how it functions. The Start menu is divided into three sections:
  1. Top section: Contains links to a maximum of seven applications. By default, it lists Calendar, Contacts, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and others. You can configure this portion of the Start menu to list any built-in or user-installed application by going to Settings >Menus.

Recycling your old cell phone

Recycling your old cell phones, accessories, batteries, and other mobile device objects can help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Before recycling your device, make sure that you have terminated your service contract and that you have removed all personal data from the device. Here are some recycling options:

Find compatible hardware accessories and device drivers for clamshell Handheld PCs like the NEC MobilePro and HP Jornada

Finding compatible peripheral hardware accessories for your Handheld PC or PDA can be difficult. Created by the user community, the HPC:Factor Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) provides an easy to search database of compatible hardware accessories for Windows CE 1.0 through 6.0 and includes driver downloads, tips, and Web links to help you get up and running (hpcfactor.com/hcl).

Download patches, fixes, and updates for clamshell Handheld PCs like the NEC MobilePro and HP Jornada

Keeping your Handheld PC updated, particularly when the manufacturer no longer provides support, can be a daunting, often impossible task. If you are a legacy Handheld PC or Windows CE user (e.g. HPC2000) you can download patches, fixes, updates, manuals, ROM images, applications, and more, all for free from HPC:Factor’s H/PC:Update service (hpcfactor.com/support/update).

Updating Daylight Savings Time settings

Starting in 2007, a new schedule for Daylight Savings Time (DST) was introduced. Because of this, the automatic settings set up for DST in Windows computers before this year are no longer correct.

How to store your Windows Mobile device

For long-term storage: Back up data, charge and remove the battery, and store in a cool, dry location.
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