Items having to do with keeping the data on your device safe, including encryption software.

SBSH Releases SafeWallet for webOS!

SBSH has now released a version of it's award winning ewallet program for webOS. Now you can sync your account, and password information seamlessly from your webOS device and your PC or Mac.


SFR Password gets update to 4.2!

 To see this unique security product in action, click on the image. This was one of the products that I always felt did well in our annual awards, and good to see they are still developing it.


Using the Device Lock feature

Windows Mobile 5 and 6 touch screen devices have a “Device Lock” feature that disables all input into the device. This feature is useful if you want to make sure that there will be no accidental button presses or other input into the device, perhaps while you’re carrying it in your pocket or a shoulder bag.

Use the “Hint” option to remember a password

If you want to set a password to access your touch screen device for added security but are afraid you might forget it, you can use the “Hint” option in the Password menu.
  1. Go to Start >Settings >Password (or Lock) and tap the Hint tab.
  2. Enter a hint for yourself in the data field. Remember that the hint that you enter may be visible by others, so be sure it is something that only you will know.
  3. After you have set the desired Hint (as well as a password and options in the Password tab), tap OK.

Using the Lock feature on non-touch screen smartphones

Using the Lock feature on your smartphone will disable the function of the keys. This can be especially useful if you have your device tucked into a pocket or bag where the keys can be accidentally pressed. Here is how it works:

How to encrypt your Wi-Fi connection

Brad Isaac at explains a quick procedure to lock down your Wi-Fi router.

Click here for the article.

Encrypt your storage card

Storage card encryption lets you protect files saved to a storage card on your device. Once encrypted, the card can only be accessed from the encrypting device or via ActiveSync Explorer when the encrypting device is connected to a desktop PC.

How to password-protect a Windows Mobile device

Password-protect your device by going to Start >Settings >Password (or Lock). On non-touch screen smartphones, go to Start >Settings >Security >Device Lock.

How to keep Internet Explorer secure

You can delete and disallow cookies and adjust your security settings in Internet Explorer Mobile from the Menu >Tools >Options >Security page (non-touch screen smartphones: Menu >Tools >Options).

Encrypt your sensitive files

Sentry 2020 ( is an excellent “on-the-fly” encryption program that encrypts touch screen device files as they are produced or saved. You can also use Resco File Explorer ( to select and encrypt individual or groups of files.
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