Items related to downloading and using eBooks, including issues related to Digital Rights Management.

It was the best of reads; it was the worst of reads

I haven't had such a horrible reading experience since I think about 1998 or 1999. I had forgotten that it was like trying to wrestle an octopus in the dark. It's better when you have light, lots of light. The worst part is not so much trying to see the blurry, small print on cheap paper as it is trying to keep the page from curving and the whole thing closing and slipping out of your hands--hands because the unpleasant process takes two hands to make it viable. And your arms get tired and maybe cold if you don't have the heat turned up sufficiently.


Nook Color Getting Android 2.2 Treatment in January

If you've been wondering why Barnes & Noble's full color e-reader, the Nook Color, was running yesterday's Android OS, have no fear-2.2 is almost here!

I spoke today with a Barnes & Noble representative who showed me the forthcoming update on his company Nook which is slated for this January. The 2.2 Android update is a game changer and literally turns the e-reader into a near full Android tablet device.


Annotations settings in Microsoft Reader

You can add a bookmark, text note, highlight, or drawing when you are reading an eBook with Microsoft Reader. Just select some text in an eBook using your stylus, and as soon as you lift your stylus from the selected text, a menu will pop up with the four options to annotate your text. If you want, you can disable any or all these options from appearing in the menu.

How to convert Word documents to .LIT files and view them with Microsoft Reader

You can view, but not edit a Word document by saving it as an eBook and opening it in Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC. Download the “Word 2002/2000 Add-in” (microsoft.com/downloads) and install it on your desktop PC. (If your touch screen device does not have MS Reader, you can also download it from this link.) Open the desired document in Word and then on the Microsoft Reader icon in the tool bar. After entering your desired save options for the document, click OK. In ActiveSync, copy the file to the My Documents folder on your device so that it will be listed in the Library view of Microsoft Reader.

How to read eBooks

You can read eBooks (electronic books) on your Windows Mobile device using Microsoft Reader (microsoft.com/reader/downloads/ppc.asp) and other third-party eBook readers. Check out the online version of this How-to to learn how to activate and use Microsoft Reader and find other eBook resources.

Finding and reading eBooks

There are a lot of novels and short stories available in various eBook formats. A list of some of the best eBook sites can be found on our Best Sites Web page (pocketpcmag.com/bestsites.asp). The Microsoft Reader Web site (microsoft.com/reader/us/shop/default.asp) has a list of commercial sites that offer eBooks in MS Reader (.LIT) format.

Microsoft Reader is no longer built-in: it's now a free download

Microsoft no longer offers Microsoft Reader as part of the built-in software on the Pocket PC. However, it's available as a free download. You can get it at Microsoft's Web site (microsoft.com/reader/downloads/ppc.asp).
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