Swann Sky Duel: a big boy toy


Some things are just more fun to review than others. I can’t think of a product I’ve reviewed lately that has been as much fun as the Swann Sky Duel helicopter set. Yes, it’s a set that comes with two helicopters in the package.

It’s called Duel because you actually shoot it out with your opponent with Infrared laser guns. Hit your enemy three times and he’s blown away.


Helo TC Review

I have rarely had so much fun and so much frustration at the same time. Flying the Helo TC is not the easiest task in the world. It takes a little skill and a learning curve. The controls are delicate and you need some space to maneuver until you get your skills down pat.

Helo TC is a twin rotor remote control helicopter that is superbly engineered. It lights up like Ferris wheel and is sturdy as a house despite its seemingly delicate appearance.


11 great free applications for touch screen devices

Here is a list of 11 great free applications for touch screen devices, including an excellent tetris game called Kevtris.

Pocket PC game emulators

Read Werner Ruotsalainen’s post about listings of game emulators for the Pocket PC here.

Playing tracked music on your Pocket PC

Many Pocket PC games contain “tracked” (a.k.a. “module”) music that is very easy to extract and listen to without actually running the game. In my post titled “Listen to the music of the great space shooter game Enslave without having to start the game” (4/8/06), I’ve already elaborated on the JT MOD Player 1.0. In this post, I elaborate on the latest developments in the Pocket PC world relating to playing back tracked music.

Where to find free game emulators

Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a very popular portable gaming machine from Nintendo. It has quite advanced games and, therefore, there has always been a big demand for GBA emulators on other platforms. Touch screen devices (Pocket PCs) are no exception—there are quite a few GBA emulators on this platform.
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