Dec/Jan 2009

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Volume 11 Issue 6

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Last Minute Rush
From the Editor
Recent Windows Mobile news
Pocket View
Farewell Windows Mobile, at Least for Now

Windows Mobile PDAs & Smartphones

The Best New Phones for 2009
Plus a special guide to help you choose what's right for you

What to consider when choosing your phone
The strengths and suitability of bar, slide, PDA, clamshell, and flip-style smartphones
HTC Touch Pro
Its sleek design and stellar specs make it a perfect choice for mobile professionals
HTC Touch Diamond
Compact design and strong software features make it ideal for power users
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
High-resolution screen and Arc slider keyboard make xperia a standout
Palm Treo Pro
Palm's thin, sleek entry is a winner!
Palm Treo 800w
Newest Treo combines versatility and ease of use in a compact design
MWg Zinc II
A quality-built, worldwide GSM phone with powerful software

Samsung OMNIA
The OMNIA is a multimedia powerhouse with a slick touch interface
HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger
HP's newest smartphone is compact and combines excellent wireless and performance specs
How Does Android Stack Up Against Windows Mobile?
A first look at T-Mobile's new G1 smartphone running Google's Android OS and software suite

Software & Accessories

Best Software Awards 2008
Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine's 8th annual Best Software Awards
Free Software You Can't Afford To Miss
Enhance the capabilities of your Windows Mobile device with these free software solutions.
GPS Navigation Programs Comparison Chart
GPS Hardware and Accessories for the Windows Mobile Platform
Turn a Windows Mobile Device into a Notebook PC with the Celio REDFLY
REDFLY turns your Windows Mobile device into a Notebook PC
Accessories from PDA and smartphone manufacturers and vendors
Experts' Favorite Accessories
Members of our Board of Experts share their opinions on the most useful accessories

The Web

Get more from Social Networks!
Use Windows Mobile to connect to the most popular social networking Web sites
Get eBooks and eAudiobooks at Your Library

Public Libraries use the NetLibrary service to provide eBooks and eAudiobooks for free.
Guide to Web Sites for WM Users
A review of the top sites for WM news, reviews, tips, software downloads, and more.
Free Connected Applications
These Web apps help you get directions, maps, weather info, news, 
and more—and they don't cost you a cent!

Free Phone Resources
Many of the free phone-related services currently available are extremely useful
What is Microsoft Live Mesh?
Taking cloud storage and synchronization to the next level

How To Use

Synchronization Troubleshooter
Using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center to synchronize your Windows Mobile smartphone

Enterprise Solutions

Ruggedized Windows Mobile devices
Widely deployed workhorses that extend computing power
The Case for Windows Mobile
Why would anyone want to use Microsoft’s mobile OS?

The Paradigm Shift in Mobile Device Management
The Move Towards Converged Mobile Devices
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